Who we are

Comodo is a global company that has offices around the world. Since 1998, we have been keeping websites and web users securely connected through our SSL certificate and desktop security products.

At Comodo, we believe that every person should be able to securely use the Internet. This cannot be the privilege of the few who can afford to pay for it - but this must an inalienable right for all online users - freely available to all.

Known by millions of users - and web browsers

Web browsers

  • 99.9% of all browsers recognize Comodo and its Root Certificates (by the way, Comodo owns 12 of the root certificates that are found in all web browsers)
  • We're the second largest certificate authority in the world - Comodo ensures that millions of transactions are safely performed every day
  • Thousands of users now use Comodo Firewall Pro software - every second of every day, a new user is installing and activating Comodo Firewall Pro software on their desktop

What we do

Comodo offers SSL Certificates and end user security software so it's safe to conduct business online. We secure websites and offer free end user security software.

For more information on Comodo's products and services, go to www.comodo.com/products/comodo-products.php.

Comodo's Founder

Melih Abdulhayoglu

Comodo was founded in 1998 by Melih Abdulhayoglu. He created Comodo with the bold vision of making the Trusted Internet a reality for all. His success has benefited the ecommerce industry, online businesses and users alike. Today, Melih continues to be Comodo's CEO and Chief Security Architect.

Melih's pioneering business model has allowed him to provide the Comodo Firewall for free, while continuing to grow revenue by over 30 percent year over year. This innovative business model earned him Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2008 Award in the Information Technology Software Category in New Jersey.

Comodo's customers

Ecommerce Security Solutions:

Instant SSL is one of the many X.509 digital certificate solutions brought to you by Comodo CA Ltd (a Comodo Group company). Comodo has its own 'Root Signing Technology' to issue Instant SSL range of certificates.

The InstantSSL legal repository is available at www.comodo.com - the corporate website of Comodo.

Comodo Group Legal Repository

Instant SSL Certificates are issued in accordance with the Comodo Certification Practice Statement - a policy document outlining the rules and practices employed in the application, issuance and management of Instant SSL Certificates.