4 Common HTTPS SSL Misconceptions

Ever since the World Wide Web took on a life of its own, there has been an ever increasing need for security. This is why HTTPS SSL was born and has evolved to become an essential part of most online communications these days. However, SSL is more than just a secure address and a picture of a padlock and this has spawned a lot of misinformation and misunderstandings. Here are four of the most common misconceptions which are simply not true.

1. HTTPS SSL is a "Cure-all" for Online Security

Some people believe a secure website needs nothing more than a quality security certificate from a trusted source like Comodo. Although this is an important thing to have for protecting client/server data exchanges, it doesn't cover all the threats a website can face on a daily basis.

HTTPS SSL technology is designed to protect data as it is being transmitted from a client to a server. However, once this data is stored, you need other means of security to protect it. In fact, a business website could have a number of security holes which can easily be exploited. This is the reason that Comodo provides free S3 SSL certificate management tool and 90 days free trials of Comodo cWatch Pro website security platform, HackerGuardian Enterprise PCI scanning and HackerProof website vulnerability scanning with Instant SSL certificates.

2. HTTPS SSL Prevents Data Theft

At first glance, one might believe that secure socket layer technology makes data so safe it cannot be stolen. This statement can be true or false and this is where some confusion enters the picture. Let's examine both sides of the issue:

False - your personal information can still be intercepted and stolen. The purpose behind HTTPS SSL technology is not to hide data or make it inaccessible. Its purpose is to scramble or encrypt information. In fact, the scrambling is so complete that it is nearly impossible to decode unless you have a private key only the server computer possesses.

True - your financial and personal data cannot be stolen while you are transmitting it to a business via a website secure connection. Why is this true? Your information can land up in the hand of criminals but they have no way to decode it and read what the intercepted message contains. In other words, possessing highly encrypted information is absolutely meaningless, so why even try? This is why most cyber criminals do not bother intercepting encrypted data from an HTTPS SSL source.

3. You Only Need to Encrypt One Web Page or Subdomain

Some people believe that only the shopping cart page or log-in page should be protected with secure socket layer technology. After all, why bother protecting pages where data is not transmitted back and forth? The truth is, not all web pages absolutely require encryption. However, anytime you request information from someone HTTPS SSL security is essential. This includes subdomains for mail, payroll and other important matters.

Because subdomains are separate websites you need separate security certificates for each one. This could become very expensive and is the reason Comodo offers exceptional deals on wildcard certificates. You can buy one certificate and use it on many different subdomains.

4. Security Certificates are Very Expensive

It's true, some authorities charge a lot of money for their certificates. However, with Comodo, it's easy find HTTPS SSL that fits within your budget. In fact, we even offer free certificates and this gives you a chance to enjoy all the benefits of added security for 90 days with absolutely no obligation at all.

Our Essential certificates offer some of the most inexpensive ways to protect your website. They can be licensed on as many servers as you like and installation and validation can be accomplished in minutes.

In addition, you'll enjoy the benefits of free S3 SSL certificate management tool and 90 days free trials of Comodo cWatch Pro website security platform, HackerGuardian Enterprise PCI scanning and HackerProof website vulnerability scanning, and these services alone are worth the price of an Instant SSL certificate.

Comodo offers highly secure HTTPS SSL 256 bit encryption at affordable prices. We can do this because we are the biggest authority in the world. Not only that, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have a full 30 days to make up your mind. All you have to do is contact Comodo within the timeframe and you'll receive a full refund. There are never any hassles, delays or problems.

To check out all the benefits of our HTTPS SSL certificates, we invite you to visit us on the World Wide Web now at https://www.instantssl.com/. There you will find a wide range of choices including extended validation, wildcard and enterprise options. You are also welcome to call our toll-free number at 1-888-266-6361 for additional information or if you have questions about our products and services.

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