A Closer Look At Wildcard SSL Certificate Security

IT professionals are very comfortable with the use of SSL or Secure Sockets Layer technology. For those working on building their own website or for startup ecommerce sites or blogs where an IT professional may not be involved, learning a bit more than the basics about the technology can be very helpful.

SSL and the newer versions of TLS or Transport Layer Security are security protocols that allow a client to connect with a server. The client can be a specific device or a browser displaying a website. It is also possible to use this technology with a mail client and a mail server as well, although the type of SSL certificates used between the two will be different.

The Wildcard SSL certificate security works the same as security for any other SSL/TLS product. By using encryption and decryption methods, data transmitted between the website and the server is completely secure.

In essence, the Wildcard SSL certificate security protocol allows specific public keys, which are long strings of randomly generated numbers and letters, to create an encryption algorithm. The public key encrypts the data, transmits it along the secure pathway to the server. The server has a private key that is mathematically related to the public key.

The private key is only installed by the IT administrator for the website on the specific servers the website uses. The public key has to match with the private key for the decryption of the data to occur. This creates a secure system to transport even the most sensitive data, including that exchanged by customers and banks, government agencies, online shoppers and any other information that is provided or transmitted online.

The Wildcard Advantage

With our Wildcard SSL certificate, you really do have a lot of advantages to consider. First, it is the lowest cost option to secure a main domain, which may also be called a root domain and all of the subdomains.

Without the use of a wildcard for the site to be secure, it would be necessary to purchase a separate SSL certificate for each subdomain. Even if the website was a main domain and just a couple of subdomains this would be cost prohibitive for most websites, particularly startups. With the Wildcard advantage and using the (*) asterisk in place of the "www" in the Fully Qualified Domain Name or Common Name on the Certificate Signing Request (CSR), one certificate covers everything at those levels.

It is even possible to extend the Wildcard SSL certificate security to sub level subdomains. This is typically not required for most websites, but in would include sub areas within existing subdomains that you needed to be able to access separately.

In addition to versatility, security and cost-savings, the use of this option in SSL/TLS certificates also limits the risk of expired certificates on a site. When these occur visitors or users of the

Signs of Security

There are two different levels of validation offered for Wildcard SSL certificate security for your customers. The basic level, as with all SSL certificates, is the domain validation. With this level the Certificate Authority validates the applicant is the domain owner or an approved agent for the domain owner. This is through a match of information on the application with the Whois database.

With the organization validation, there is more extensive validation. This includes verifying the actual organization (an individual or a business) in addition the domain validation process. This provides more information on the SSL certificate to increase the trust level and confidence for online shoppers and website users.

With both options, your customers will see the address bar display the padlock, which is a highly recognized sign of trustworthiness. The "http" will also be replaced with "https." They will also see the Comodo TrustLogo site seal on your website, which allows them to mouse-over to see the full certificate. There will be detail, as mentioned above, on the organization over the information on th domain validated cert.

There is no option to have the EV or extended validation for any Wildcard product. This is because of the standards of validation and the extended checks that are required to be approved for his highest level of security.

To learn even more about the security protocol and how the Wildcard product will provide the best coverage for your website, contact our sales team at +1 888 266 6361 or online at https://www.instantssl.com. We can answer any questions you may have to make sure you get the right product for your budget and your security needs.

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