Benefits of Encryption Security

With so many businesses and individuals going online today, staying secure has never been more important. In fact, most business networks and VPNs need to have as much safety and security as possible. Encryption security (like the kind you receive from SSL) is becoming more and more important. In fact, it's something you can't afford to be without. So, what are some of the benefits of encrypting data? Let's explore what encryption is and the many good things you can receive from it.

What is Encryption Security?

If you sit down and type a message into a text or word processing file, you have created simple or plain text. However, once you encrypt this file it turns into cipher text, so what is cipher text? An encrypting algorithm scrambles the message and it can only be unscrambled with a key created at the same time. Cipher algorithms are either symmetric or asymmetric for encryption security. For example:

Symmetric - the exact same key is used to encrypt and decrypt data. The most common type of symmetric-key encryption?is known as AES. In order for this code to work, both sender and receiver must have the key for the data to be encrypted. This is also called a private key method.

Asymmetric - sometimes called a public key system and it requires both a public and private key in order to work. Public keys can be accessed by anyone but private keys are only kept with one source. The most common public key system is known as RSA. With this method, a private key can encrypt and the public key has the ability to decrypt and vice versa. This is the basics of encryption security commonly used for HTTPS or secure sockets layer technology.

By using a two-key method, it assures confidentiality. It also allows one to validate the source of the data and know that the data is completely secure. In fact, it allows for the creation of digital signatures.

Encryption Security in the Cloud

One of the most important benefits of encrypting data concerns cloud computing and storage. As more and more businesses move their storage operations to the cloud, the need for a secure environment is vital. Cloud activity takes place online in a virtual atmosphere and everyone has access to it. It's like leaving your valuables lying in a public place and you must have an effective strategy for protection.

Encryption Security Offers Total Privacy

Suppose you decide to place some of your belongings in a storage facility with many lockers or rooms. You want to choose a place with a high amount of security so others cannot get into your locker. However, you still must trust the owner of the facility as this person may be able to access your things under the right circumstances, even if it were considered illegal or unethical. Yet, by applying your own private lock you make it very hard for anyone, (including the facility owner) to enter. This is the same kind of privacy encryption security provides. Even though your data is setting on a hosted server, the host cannot access it, whether it is a physical or virtual server.

Keeping Up with Rules and Regulations

If you operate an ecommerce site, you'll want to be aware of all the latest Payment Card Industry regulations. This is especially important when you have a lot of transactions per month. PCI standards stress the importance of a secure website. Personal and financial information and encryption security is a big part of it.

The healthcare industry must constantly monitor and keep up with HIPAA laws concerning personal privacy. If you violate privacy laws you could face steep fines and penalties. This is the reason you need enhanced encryption security for patient data. It needs to protect stored data as well as provide a secure environment to transmit and receive data.

Prevent Data Breaches

No one wants to deal with the nightmare of a data breach. Even the smallest of companies can be ruined by one instance. Proper risk management is essential and you can even take out cyber liability insurance. However, without the right kind of encryption security in place, you could be dealing with a financial disaster which is almost impossible to recover from.

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