Changing Over a Small Business Website to HTTPS

For large companies doing a great deal of business on the web, SSL is a "no brainer". However, many small to mid-sized companies fall into a "gray area" and it can be hard to decide if it is worth making the move or not. After all, PCI compliance is not exactly mandatory. Yet, even smaller businesses can receive benefits with an HTTPS security certificate from a reputable authority like Comodo. Let's check out why you might want to change and what you need to do, to switch over.

Why Use an HTTPS Security Certificate?

Did you know that one fourth of the top rated search results on Google come from secure socket layer websites? This information was recently announced by the Small Business Trends website. In addition, your users will enjoy all the benefits which come from a secure online experience. In fact, just increasing your odds for higher search rank is enough reason for most businesses. But how do you go about changing to HTTPS? Here are the steps you may want to consider:

1. Purchase an HTTPS security certificate from a trusted and well established authority. It's true, you can create your own digital certificates but it will sound an alarm to most browsers and inform users your certificate is not from a recognized or trusted source. If your certificate is not trusted, how can you expect your customers to trust your business? This is the reason you should buy your certificate.

2. Certificate installation - some certificates can be complicated to install. However, when you take advantage of an HTTPS security certificate from Comodo, your job is easy. Thanks to our instant authentication technology, you can be up and running in several minutes.

3. Validation - part of the HTTPS security certificate installation process concerns certificate validation. In other words, you must prove to the authority issuing your SSL certificate that your business is legit. With Comodo, this process is very easy. It can be as simple as replying to an email sent to your mail domain. The entire process can be done very quickly and there are no long waiting periods and you won't have to spend all day trying to figure out the installation process.

4. Set up your links - any website URLs linking back to your site should be changed. After all, Internet protocol is exact and it's possible to end up with a lot of error messages if you do not change all the links to HTTPS, after installing your HTTPS security certificate.

5. Check other sources - do you have landing pages or resource boxes at the end of online articles? You'll want to go back and make the needed changes. In addition, you should go to your blog site and change those links too. Check anywhere you might have links to your site and change them when possible. This not only keeps your website current, it keeps you from missing out on some valuable business. After all, if someone clicks a link to your site and it doesn't work, they may assume you are out of business.

6. 301 redirects - hopefully your web hosting package includes 301 redirects. This is the most effective way to redirect traffic to your website. What is a 301 redirect?

A 301 redirect is like going to the post office and filling out a change of address card. Once set up, your 301 will redirect to new secure site, and all links and traffic headed to the old URL will go to the new URL.

Have you ever typed in website URL with just the domain name and no HTTP or WWW? Sometimes you'll be taken to the website and sometimes you won't. It depends if the webmaster has set up redirects.

7. Avoid using 302 redirects - 302s are not meant to be permanent. On the other hand, 301s are permanent and it isn't likely you'll be going back to HTTP once you go to HTTPS.

Which HTTPS Security Certificate Should I Buy?

With all this information about what to do, it's also important to know what to buy. If you are not sure, why not try a free certificate from Comodo? It lets you try secure socket layer technology free for a full 90 days with no restrictions. If you do this, you might want to consider 302 directs for links.

You also can purchase affordable Essential certificates and they come with a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee. Come to Comodo today at to see all we have to offer, or call toll free 1-888-266-6361.

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