Client HTTPS SSL Certificate Management

In a previous post, we talked about client SSL, what it was and how it can benefit businesses and clients. In fact, it is an excellent way to increase security with dual authentication. Yet, it can be very time consuming and use up a lot of company resources when you manage all your client HTTPS SSL certificate data. However, thanks to Comodo Certificate Management (CCM) the process is much easier and simpler. CCM allows for more efficient security management and can give you more time for other things. Here is how it works.

What is CCM?

CCM is an important tool for PKI security issues. But what is PKI? In order to better understand HTTPS SSL certificate management, it's imperative to understand the basics of PKI, first.


PKI stands for public key infrastructure. It is a specific system of tracking and managing your digital security certificates. This includes creating, distributing, managing, storing, using and revoking certificates. It is the basis for installing a dual authentication system. When we speak of PKI we are talking about encrypted security issues for a network. A client HTTPS SSL certificate is an important part of this process because the client is the only one with access to private keys and the enterprise is responsible for the public keys. Both are necessary for secure communications to occur.

PKI management is responsible for identifying public keys with specific clients. In essence you become a certificate authority with the power to register, issue and revoke security certificates. However, in order to be legitimate you need to be backed by a trusted authority like Comodo.

Benefits of CCM

With Comodo Certificate Management you will enjoy a number of PKI management benefits. For example:

  • Life-cycle administration - complete management services
  • Complete certificate expiration control - as administrator you determine how long each HTTPS SSL certificate is good for. You set the date and it can even be on the same day of issuance.
  • Simple user enrollment - users can enroll themselves and it is very easy to do. It's done with an easy to understand web based interface.
  • Professional appearance - interface can be customized to your business colors and logos.
  • Revocation options - both the user and administrator have the ability to revoke certificates.
  • Email alerts - easy to set up reminders. This allows users and administrators to be notified of a pending expiration date. Notifications can be set up for requests and approvals and even for revocations. This is one less thing your staff has to be concerned with and keeps your PKI management timely and efficient.
  • Keep track of certificate activity and status easily
  • Support - you receive the benefits of exceptional technical support and a great deal of user information and instructions.
No Need for Security Tokens

Some companies spend a great deal of time and money on tokens for security. A token is a hardware device which authenticates the user or client. It could be a smart card or key fob and they must be manufactured and distributed and this can be a major expense. In addition, tokens must have a way to access the system and it is usually done through a USB or smart card interface. However, they do work well for user authentication. Yet, there is a much better solution and it involves the use of a client HTTPS SSL certificate.

With digital client certificates, there is no need to pay for tokens. The entire process is taken care of in digital format and it serves the same purpose of security tokens without all the hassles. In fact, security tokens may be better for user access to physical locations like buildings and secure rooms.

Eliminate Many Security Research and Development Costs

Are you working on a new type of security device or system? Perhaps you need a way to authenticate users in the easiest and most cost effective manner. Why spend a great deal of company resources on R&D when you can enjoy the many benefits of Comodo Certificate Management?

When you take advantage of client HTTPS SSL certificate management there is nothing to research or develop. You can enjoy effective PKI management and you receive all the tools you need from Comodo.

Comodo is the leading SSL certificate authority on the planet. We provide a wide assortment of secure socket layer solutions for business today. To check out the many good things we can do for you, go to right now. You may also contact us via our toll-free number 1-888-266-6361.

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