Comodo Makes Wildcard SSL Certificate Renewal A Simple Process

Managing websites as an IT professional or as a website owner doing things on your own can be a challenge. The more complex the website gets as you expand and grow your business, particularly for an ecommerce or business, the greater the need for subdomains to both effectively manage the content of the site as well as to direct customers and users to the specific area of the site they need.

If you are already using a Wildcard SSL/TLS certificate you understand the advantages. Using the Secure Sockets Layer or Transport Layer Security protocol for both the main domain and all subdomains is cost-effective, provides uniform security at the domain validation or organization validation level and also helps to ensure there are no expired certificates on the site.

When you have multiple SSL certificates across your network from different Certificate Authorities, the management task becomes a lot bigger. This also increases the chances of an expired certificate that is not only going to trigger that security warning for users of the site but it also potentially increases the risk of a breach in your website security.

To avoid this Comodo offers three different products that are ideal for multiple domains, a main domain and subdomains and specific types of applications. Not all are the same, but they include the Wildcard, Multi-Domain/SAN and UC certificates.

The Wildcard is the most commonly used option for securing the main domain and all subdomains. Unlike some of the Certificate Authorities, Comodo offers unlimited subdomains on the certificate as well as use across unlimited physical servers on your system. This is all offered as part of the base price and you won't find any hidden fees or the need to pay for additional licenses to use the certificate across multiple servers.


If you are using an existing Comodo product, regardless of the type of SSL certificate, we will begin to notify a couple of months out from the expiration date that you will need to complete the Wildcard SSL certificate renewal.

We send these emails to the contact email used to create the current Certificate Signing Request or CSR approximately 2 months or 60 days before expiration. We do realize that some of these may be the full three-year term and sometimes emails will change, particularly if IT managers change.

It is also possible to determine your Wildcard SSL certificate renewal date on your own. You can simply access the certificate either by clicking on the padlock in the address bar or mousing over the Comodo TrustLogo site seal on the webpage.

This will provide you with the date the certificate was generated (the begins on date) and the date that the certificate expires. The keys are designed through programming to expire on that date, rendering the SSL protocol invalid and creating the trigger for the browser or device to display the warning message.

If you are using our Comodo Certificate Manager, you will also have the ability to simply open up the management tool and see all current Wildcard SSL certificate renewal dates. This will include both our certificates and any competitors certificates on the entire network. You will simply have to run the auto-discovery tool to generate the list, which includes a separate column to provide the expiry date.

With all of this in place, there is limited chance that the IT professional will miss the Wildcard SSL certificate renewal. Even if you do remember that Comodo can generate the files in just minutes so even if there is some oversight where this occurs, it doesn't have to result in loss of SSL protocols for any significant length of time.

We offer a Certificate Management Utility that can be used with the IIS systems as well as with Apache Servers. This will guide you through the Wildcard SSL certificate renewal process as you do need to generate a new Certificate Signing Request and provide the required information. By using our Utility, you will just need to click on the specific certificates to renew and follow the steps. This even makes installation easy, which will save you time and frustration.

For those with questions about their Wildcard SSL certificate renewal, contacting our staff is a simple way to find answers. You can reach us in person by phone at +1 888 266 6361 or try out our live chat system at We can also discuss any specifics you may have to upgrade a domain validation to an organization validation Wildcard, providing additional confidence for your online customers.

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