Comparing The UC Certificate Format To Other SSL Products

When it comes to Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or the newer version of TLS (Transport Layer Security), there can be a lot of different choices and options. For an experienced IT administrator or professional working with this every day the differences may be obvious, but for someone working on their own website or just getting started it can be complicated.

Understanding the specifics and the best use for each of the various SSL/TLS products, including the UC certificate format, will help in securing your website or websites and providing your users and customers with the online protection they have come to expect.

The Importance of the CA

There will be several different aspects of the various certificate options to consider. The first should be to understand the reputation of the CA or Certificate Authority. This is the entity that validates the information on the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Security Layer (TLS) product verifying that your site is trusted and safe.

To maintain this level of trust, the CA has to be considered a trusted source by browsers and devices. While most of the recognized names in CAs are trusted by 99% of the browsers and devices, Comodo is trusted by 99.9%, virtually eliminating any concerns with error messages.

Check to verify the reputation of the CA with customers and clients as well. Read reviews and take the time to look for the trust seal on various websites. As the largest trust provider in the world you will find a lot of our Comodo TrustLogo site seals on websites you use on a regular basis, which is an important sign that your customers will recognize our seal and trust your site as well.

Look for a CA with a wide range of different types of SSL/TLS products. This will allow you to match the Wildcard, single domain, Multi-domain or UC certificate format to what you need for your domains.

Wildcard SSL

The Wildcard SSL certificate is used to protect and secure a single main domain and all associated subdomains. This is a great option if you have a large or small website that has one main domain and at least two or three subdomains or individual section within the main domain.

The Wildcard cannot be used to secure multiple levels of subdomains or it cannot be used to secure more than one main domain on the same certificate. The format for these certificates will look like * where the (*) is the wildcard symbol.

Single Domain Certificates

A single SSL/TLS product is designed to secure one domain. This is often used with a smaller website where folders rather than subdomains are used. This is the lowest cost option at the domain and organization validation level.

It these can also be provided at the EV or extended valuation level. This is the iconic green bar that provides the highest level of validation and verification for the owner and the organization possible.

These will be a good option when there is just one domain and a very high level of trust and assurance is seen as beneficial for customers and clients when using the site.

UC Certificates

The UC certificate format is ideal when there are multiple domains to secure with the same certificate and you are using Microsoft Exchange or Office Communications servers. Typically, these types of systems are used by large companies and businesses with the need to secure multiple domains and even subdomains.

Within the UC certificate format is the ability to use Subject Alternative Name or SAN. This allows the certificate to be used for 3 Fully Qualified Domain Names as the basic cost and then up to 100 for the full certificate. The user can add the SANs to the UC certificate format as needed without additional cost or the need to apply for a new cert.

There is also the option to use a Multi-Domain or SAN SSL for the same type of security. However, the UC certificate is specifically designed for use with the Microsoft Exchange and Office Communications servers and therefore has added advantages in meshing with the automatic features offered through the server platforms.

Let our sales staff help you in comparing your options with our different SSL/TLS products. You won't find any pressure to buy a particular certificate, but rather experts to help you to make the best choice for your website and your budget.

To find out more, talk to us by phone at +1 888 266 6361 or by chat through the website at This is also a great place to read and compare the different products and find answers to any questions you may have.

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