Completing Your UC Browser Certificate Download

When using the Comodo Unified Communication Certificate the issue with the certificate not being recognized by a browser or device is highly unlikely. This means there is no need for a user to complete a UC browser certificate download on their own and then complete the complicated process of installing it on their browser or with their device.

Unfortunately, with some of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) products, there may not be the level of recognition and trust you find with Comodo SSL/TLS options. With our root certificates embedded in 99.9% of devices and browsers, there are limited concerns with any of our SSL/TLS certificates, and this extends to the UC certificate we offer.

Upgrade Issues

With some types of older devices or browser versions, there may be problems with correctly displaying the pages without the security warning. This may occur if the operating system has not updated since the Comodo UCC root certificate was added.

This doesn�t mean that the user has to complete the UC browser certificate download. With an upgrade to the operating system the new root certificates from trusted sources should also be updated. This will eliminate the need to complete these extra steps while also providing comprehensive coverage of the websites on the UC certificate.

For many different reasons, not the least being security, it is not recommended to train employees or device users to add certificates to the trust store for a browser or a device. It makes it possible for the user to add self-signed certificates that may not be valid into the trust store, potentially creating very real security issues or even the possibility of hacking, breaches and man-in-the-middle attacks.

The UC Certificate Advantage

Without the need to complete a UC browser certificate download, it is possible to immediately provide security and protection to different domains using the same certificate.

This saves all the time of having to try to assign different IP addresses and bind the various certificates to the different IPs. With the UC certificate it is very simple, one certificate, multiple domains and the ability to use the same IP for everything you need.

These certs use SAN or Subject Alternative Name fields to allow you to protect more than one domain with the same certificate. Unlike the Multi-Domain/SAN certificate that is also offered by Comodo, the UCC is designed just for specific server environments. The certificate allows for three Fully Qualified Domain Names with the basic package with the option to add up to 97 more for a full 100 domain names protected by the same certificate. These additional domain names can be added for a low price over the term of the UC certificate.

The benefit of a UCC is not just that it is convenient. It is also designed for the Microsoft Exchange or the Office Communications Server environments. Our team worked closely with Microsoft to develop this specific SSL product just for their server environments.

The UCC product will work with the autodiscover feature on the Microsoft Exchange. This not only improves efficiency by using the system, but it also cuts down on the time needed for client administration. This factor is essential in large organizations and businesses where there is a constant need to continually complete these administrative tasks now performed automatically through autodiscover.

As mentioned above, the UC browser certificate download is not needed because of enhanced security offered by the UC certificate. This is not the same if you are trying to use a Wildcard certificate which is not going to provide the same level of security

However, for those requiring both domain security as well as the ability to work with the Exchanges or Office Communications server environments we can offer a combination of the UC certificate and the Wildcard SSL certificate. We can work with you to determine if this is the best and most cost effective option for your needs.

At Comodo, we strive to create a great security product line that will meet the need of our customers. We can provide support, assistance and information to ensure you choose the correct SSL certificate for your needs.

To learn more or to talk to one of our helpful sales staff, give us a call today at +1 888 266 6361. You can also use our online live chat system that can be accessed from any page of the website at There is always the option to read the knowledgebase and review the online information, there are answers to the commonly asked question readily available to help you choose.

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