Introducing Comodo Server Security Server

Apache and IIS servers are very popular and provide a lot of benefits to users. One of the most important things an administrator needs to do is make sure all servers are secure at all times. This includes complete SSL certificate management for the entire lifecycle. Management may entail many tasks and it can be much easier when you utilize Comodo Server Security Server, also known as S? and it can be one of your most useful tools. Let's discover its many functions and benefits and explore some helpful certificate management tips.

What is Comodo Server Security Server?

S? is a valuable utility from Comodo which lets you buy, install and manage all of your HTTPS certificates on IIS and Apache web servers. Comodo Server Security Server also lets you do a great deal more. Here are some of the many benefits you can receive:

  • Find all the certificates on your server
  • Import existing certificates
  • Check certificate configurations
  • New certificates can be installed automatically
  • Simple and easy to create CSRs (certificate signing requests)
  • Comodo Server Security Server lets you set up alerts so you'll know when each certificate is about to expire.
  • No need for an agent when you are in offline mode
  • Troubleshoot and diagnose HTTPS certificate problems
  • Completely manage all your HTTS certificates from purchase through expiration
  • Create your own certificate inventory with the discovery tool.
Comodo Server Security Server Offers an Easy to Use Interface

The Main Interface can be used for finding all certificate orders and all certificates on the network. You can also use it to create CSRs, validate domains, install, buy and renew your HTTPS certificates. You may view and change your alert settings also. Comodo Server Security Server provides an easy to access help section and you can click on "chat now" to talk to Comodo support" when you need additional assistance. This can all be done from one area.

Replace CSR

Suppose your certificate is still being processed. If you realize you made an error or omission, Comodo Server Security Server lets you replace your CSR, so you can avoid future problems. In addition, in order to create and submit your CSR you can launch the CSR Wizard to greatly simplify the process.

DCV Wizard

The Domain Control Validation Wizard helps you with the process of domain validation. In fact, it gives you three options to complete validation:

  • Email validation - this is one of the easiest methods and you only need to reply to an email from your mail domain.
  • Upload a text file and Comodo systems will find it.
  • Alternative validation methods - choose the "none of the above" option.
Certificate Discovery Tool

Scanning for certificates (IP addresses) is simple with this easy to use tool in Comodo Server Security Server. The tool will locate both public and internal certificates from all authorities.

Certificate Management Tips

Even if you have a great utility like Comodo Server Security Server, there are some simple things you can do to make management easier and more efficient. For example:

Opt for More Than One Year

It may seem more cost effective to buy certificates good for just a year. However, when you buy from Comodo you'll get lower prices for two years and even lower for three years. In addition, if you buy one year certificates, you have a lot more work to do with renewals and repurchases. Plus, prices could go up in a year or so and you'll have to pay even more.

Why Use a Manual Digital Certificate Management System?

Are you still using spreadsheets to keep track of all certificates? If so, this can be a great deal of work and it only takes one mistake to create serious problems. Comodo Server Security Server tool can make your life much easier. It costs nothing extra and provides many convenient and easy to use functions at your fingertips.

It Doesn't Cost More to Go with the Best

Comodo is the top certificate authority and we offer exceptional value and affordable prices for all our certificates. Whether you want a single certificate, wildcard, multi-domain, extended validation, enterprise or other certificate, we have what you need.

If you are not sure what to do, why not go with a free digital security certificate from Comodo? There is no obligation and for 90 days you can test drive to see if you like it. Plus, when you buy SSL digital security certificates you have 30 days in which to make up your mind, no questions asked. With all these options and free certificates to offer, there's no reason to not give Comodo a try today.

Visit our secure website now at or call us at 1-888-266-6361.

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