Possibilities For A UC Certificate Trail

There are a lot of reasons why an IT professional may need to test a Microsoft Exchange server or an Office Communications server. As these servers are designed to work with a specific type of Secure Sockets Layer product, finding a UC certificate trial version will be of importance.

When trying to get a particular server to pass the tests that are required by Microsoft, using other types of free products is often not an option. This is not because the free certificates or the trial use products are inferior, rather it has to do with how they are set up compared to what is required for a UC certificate trial.

The Issue With Free Products For UCC Trials and Tests

The biggest problem that IT administrators will encounter is the that with the Exchange 2010 servers at UC certificate is required. This must contain both external domains and also work with the autodiscover feature. Additionally, and this is important as well, the UCC is validated at an organization level.

Trial certificates by most CAs that may be offered for 30 or 90 days will typically only be domain validated. This causes a problem when trying to use them on the more recent server options. It can also result in a lot of error messages that are a result of this mismatch.

For testing purposes, only for an internal network, it may be possible to install a free trial SSL product, depending on the Exchange or Office Communications server in use. There may be some workarounds required, but once installed it can be used by ignoring the warning messages for the test period.

This is certainly not a desirable situation and it may not provide the information you need through UC certificate trial and testing period. There are differences between these SSL certificate products that need to be taken into account.

Getting Our Help

One simple solution to addressing any needs you have when choosing our products is to spend time reading through our knowledge base or connecting with others through the forums. It is also helpful if you are looking for an alternative to using the other types of SSL products for your UC certificate trial to talk to our tech support and sales staff.

They will walk you through the basics of the UC certificate and how the Subject Alternative Name component can provide the greatest level of flexibility in managing all of your domains with one certificate. Our advice and information are always free and with our years of experience specializing in online trust products there are very few questions we haven't answered before.

In some cases, if you need a very high level of assurance, we may recommend you consider our EV Multi-Domain Certificates. These are not the same as a Wildcard SSL certificate and, unlike the Wildcard SSL certificate or the UC certificate, they are at the EV level.

The UCC and the Wildcard products are typically organization validated with the Wildcard and UCC also available at the domain validation level. This may be a concern for some businesses. While the EV Multi-Domain does provide the iconic green address bar, it is not as flexible as the UCC and it is more costly.

The additional cost is a reflection of the additional validation required, just as found with all EV products. It does provide the 3 Fully Qualified Domain Names as the base package with the option to add on. However, this is not specifically designed to work with the Microsoft Exchange and the Office Communications server environments, which is at the heart of the UC certificate.

Remember, with all of our SSL products we offer a full 30-day money back guarantee, which may be equivalent to a free trial if you stop and think about it. All you will need to do is submit a refund request. We will process it, typically on the same day, so you will have your funds very quickly.

There is a lot to consider when you are running tests or trials on an Exchange or Office Communication server. We recommend you give us a call to discuss your specific needs. Our staff will review your options including the UC certificate and the possibility of the Multi-Domain SSL product at the OV or the EV level.

Give us a call today at +1 888 266 6361 and we can talk about your needs. You can also reach us through the live chat from any page of the website at https://www.instantssl.com. Have the server information available as well as relevant information about the domains you need to be secured so we can provide the most accurate answers.

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