Should You Use A UC Digital Certificate?

It is important to realize that different Certificate Authorities (CAs) offer different products and may call them the same or similar names. This can create some level of confusion for customers, which is why it is important to verify that the CA you are using is actually a recognized vendor of the UCC certificates if you are looking specifically for products that work with the Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office Communications Servers.

There are some SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) produces that have the SAN or Subject Alternative Name option found in the UC digital certificate, but they are not designed specifically for the Microsoft Exchange and the Microsoft Office Communication Server environments. Instead, they are marketed and Multi-Domain UC/SAN products. While they may well work with those specific types of applications, they may also be more problematic with some configurations and uses.

When considering a UC digital certificate, be sure that it is from an authorized or Microsoft recognized Certificate Authority. Originally there were only three that were approved as vendors to provide the certificates needed to allow the Domain Security feature to be fully functional.

Comodo is very proud to be able to say we are one of the original three Certificate Authorities approved by Microsoft. While the list is a bit longer now, it includes only eight other providers that are specifically equipped to be able to provide a UC digital certificate for an Exchange Server or a Lync Server.

The Benefits

The most obvious and important benefit to using a UCC product is that it is designed just for this type of platform and environment. Unlike the other Multi-Domain and SAN certificates that are designed for standard server platforms the UC digital certificate is created just for the two options.

It is able to provide secure SSL connection for both main domains and subdomains. With the standard package you will have the ability to secure three different and unique Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN) with the same certificate. It is also possible to add up to 100 Fully Qualified Domain Name to the same certificate.

To keep pricing simple Comodo charges a low flat rate per added domain. We can also incorporate Wildcard domains to the UCC product of full security coverage across all domains and subdomains with one certificate.

With the UC digital certificate, you as the certificate applicant, will have full control over the Subject Alternative Names you wish to add. This makes the certificate incredible flexible to allow you to cover the domains and subdomains you need on the same IP address. For cloud hosting or shared hosting types of services this is extremely important.

Additionally, because you are buying a Comodo product, you know that 99.9% of browsers and devices will have our root certificate in their trusted store. This eliminates all the challenges of working with other CAs that may flash the unsecured site warning on some browsers and not on others, making troubleshooting incredibly difficult for IT professionals.

We also understand that you may need to have to move and change domains over the life of the certificate. We offer unlimited, no fee re-issuance of the certificate as needed, which is a value-added service may of our clients will use over the life of the product.

Consolidation of your existing certificates into one, easy to manage and use UC digital certificate from Comodo is a benefit in itself. With the option to provide security to Fully Qualified Domain Names and subdomains all on one certificate, the administration just got a lot easier and installation challenges become manageable again.

Our Support

To help all of our customers Comodo offers a full spectrum of tech support. We recommend you check out our knowledgebase for specific instructions on generating the Certificate Signing Request or installing our UC certificates. We also provide a great forum where you can pose questions and get answers from other Comodo users and administrative staff in our support community.

We also offer phone support and ticket support. With tickets, our goal is to make every attempt to respond to questions in an hour, with all tickets responded to by the end of the business day. To ask about the UC digital certificate from Comodo give us a call at +1 888 266 6361. We would be happy to explain the product and make sure it is the right match for your needs.

For online support check out our live chat at, or get in touch by email through the contacts tab.

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