Simple Ways To Enhance System Network Security

There are a lot of seemingly very little steps that can be taken to help to boost or increase the security of any of any network. While it is important to use anti-viruses, firewalls and comprehensive system network security

The IT department will be providing specific types of security between the clients and the server, between servers and for email. This will be the use of SSL certificate products from Comodo. The SSL technology allows for full encryption and decryption of data as well as the digital signing of emails, creating a secure exchange of information within the network as well as outside.

This doesn't, however, protect the network itself. Data stored on the network, information stored on devices and even information in client databases can also be compromised with a system network security breach.

Ensure All Devices are Protected

While this may seem basic, old, outdated operating systems and security features on individual devices that are not upgraded to the latest various can all pose risks to the system because they have vulnerabilities that have not been patched or fixed.

This becomes a very significant problem when people are using their own devices such as tablets, smartphones and even laptops and notebooks to access their business network.

There are network scanners available that will scan both your network as well as devices that are connected. It will also report vulnerabilities. The challenge will be if the device is not registered to an employee to find out which person has the device and have them complete the required update or download of the new network security patch, hotfix or service pack.

Password Protect Everything

This may seem like overkill, but password protecting all systems and carefully monitoring and controlling access to the systems will be critical for system network security.

Most top companies practice a policy of only providing access to the lowest possible level for every employee. In other words, never grant anyone access to systems, data or utilities or tools on the network they don't absolutely require. The fewer the number of people with anything beyond basic access the lower the risk of a breach from the inside of the network.

While this is not something anyone wants to consider, almost half (about 43%) of all breaches are directly traced to a single employee and not from an outside source. The lower the number of people with password access to data files and system resources or administrative level controls the lower the chances of this being an issue and the easier it will be to trace.

Track Activity

There are several options for system network security software that will trace and log all user activity across the system. Of course, this only works with a login system in place.

By monitoring the activity across the network it is easy to spot atypical or unusual traffic patterns and investigate. It monitors which users accessed files, what files they access on a regular basis, if they attempt to access files they are restricted from accessing or if they are into files or systems they have no reason to need to use or view.

Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi for Remote Employees

When companies have employees that work from home or that work on the road, using a VPN or Virtual Private Network allows for full encryption of data from their site to your server. This is ideal as it eliminates the areas of vulnerability at public Wi-Fi hotspots or when using home Wi-Fi systems.

It will also be very important to make sure you are using vulnerability scans to monitor areas of potential weakness across your network. These scans should be inclusive based on the type of risks that you face for hacking and the type of software, hardware and devices on the system.

It is also highly recommended to use an IT professional to set up and monitor your system network security. This doesn't have to be an in-house professional and you may want just to contract for the services you need. The more your company grows and expands the more important it will be to protect your data and your system and actively provide the level of network security necessary for system safety.

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