SSL Security - It's Not Just for Large Corporations

Conducting business online is becoming so commonplace we often take it for granted. However, as the Internet grows, so does the need for SSL security. Perhaps several years ago, a small business had little to fear from cyber criminals but today things are changing dramatically. If you run a business (or you are IT professional with small business clients) you cannot afford all the hassles, claims and lawsuits that can come from one data breach. Here are some important reasons to consider SSL for your business.

I Don't Really Need the Added Expense of SSL Security

Many small businesses feel they really don't need encryption because they are so small. For example, what are the odds someone is going to go through all the trouble of targeting my small business when they can go after the big ones? After all, that's where all the good stuff is right?

This may appear like sound reasoning because you might be able to get away with no encryption. Few people may even know you exist, but this kind of thinking can be flawed for several reasons:

  • Anyone can find you on the Internet - you are not hiding somewhere in obscurity as your website details are available to people online all over the planet. In fact, it's the criminals in far off countries who are more likely to target you, than someone local.
  • Without SSL security, you are an easy mark - suppose a cyber thief had two choices. He could go after a large company which operates under a secure website or he could go to a small business with absolutely no protection. Which is the easiest and less risky choice?
  • You have no idea who is out there lurking - many lazy and dishonest people have nothing better to do than scan the Internet for easy targets. If they come across you (with no kind of SSL security) you could be dealing with a data breach and it could ruin your business and your reputation.
SSL Security is Good for Small Business

You may notice a number of benefits when you decide to go to HTTPS. For example, a secure website helps to give you a professional appearance. By nature, customers are drawn to people and businesses who are professionals.

This provides an added degree of respect and can be the difference between earning a new customer or client and watching them go to the competition. Yet, this is only one of many good things that can happen.

Enhanced Website Visitor Experience

When someone surfs the Internet and comes across your business website, how many of them are going to stay long enough to buy something or request additional information? SSL security can be the difference maker because it is impressive and the longer a visitor stays, the better chances you have for success.

With SSL Security You Can Advertise "Secure Checkout"

Do you want to instill confidence in your potential and current customers? Let them know you use a secure checkout process. Some people may not notice your HTTPS or pay attention to your website URL. However, they will enjoy the benefits of a secure payment system.

So many people these days are hesitant to buy things online because they are afraid of identity theft. Anything you can do to lessen or eliminate these fears can be very good for your business.

Enjoy More Repeat Business

The better you make things for the customers, the more likely they will return. HTTPS is one more reason for a customer to come back. It may not be the only reason but it can tip the scale in your favor. This is an important issue because many small companies depend on repeat business. Not only that, repeat customers are more likely to give you good reviews and recommend others.

SSL Security is Not Expensive

It does not cost a lot of money to enjoy all the good things from an SSL certificate from Comodo. Our Essential certificates are very affordable and you also have the option of a free certificate. Try it for a full 90 days and you pay nothing the entire time. Plus, you'll receive all the benefits of Comodo SSL security.

Comodo offers a complete range of SSL security options. This includes extended value and wildcard certificates. We also provide Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates and a profitable resellers program. When you go with Comodo you are choosing the Number One certificate authority on the planet. Come to our website today at call toll free 1-888-266-6361 for more information.

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