Stronger Data And Network Security

If there is one thing that every business should be concerned about it is data and network security. It is always amazing to find out just how limited the protection on many systems actually is, including some of the systems in use by major companies.

While it may be natural to assume that smaller companies, startup businesses or ecommerce sites that are second jobs for entrepreneurs have the lowest levels of data and network security, this is often not the case. These smaller businesses are able to more easily manage security products and they tend to have fewer issues where security coverage lapses and sites may be left unprotected and open for a variety of different types of attacks.

Alarming Statistics

According to the Breach Level Index, there has actually been a drop in reported data record losses from 2014. However, there were still an amazing 707.5 million data records that were compromised in the year 2015 and over 1 billion in 2014.

If you take the time to put that into perspective, 22 records are compromised every second of every day of the year or 80,766 records per hour. While big sites like Alibaba accounted for the most records stolen, Home Depot and other large retails also had significant breaches. Health care was another big target and in all breaches outsider hackers were the greater risk with insiders directly responsible for just under half of all security breaches.

What this means to a business of any size is that data and network security is becoming a primary concern. Just as you carefully monitor activity and theft in a retail outlet, you also have to do the same when you are doing business online.

Protection is Available

At Comodo, we offer a full range of different products and services to protect your online websites and business from hackers. One option we offer for data and network security is the use of our SSL certificate products at different levels of validation. Think of validation as trust and assurance for your customers and for your business.

By using SSL technology and Public Key Infrastructure on your websites and email, everything the customer enters into your site on the browser or device is encrypted with the public key of a unique key pair.

Only the private key, installed on your server with our certificate, can decrypt that information. With our email security in the form of Personal Authentication Certificates or Client Certificates, it is the exchange of the public keys and the ability to encrypt and decrypt information only from trusted sites secures the email. Additionally, through the use of a digital signature it possible to verify the data in the email and the attachment was not altered or tampered with after signing.

In other words, a hacker cannot add malware or spyware to the email without the receiver being warned of the tampering with the email. This is all done through the use of the public and private keys and a specialized verification copy of the email known as a hash message.

Two-Factor Authentication

Another way our PKI certificates offer data and network security is through two factor authentication. For example, it is essential that our system detects two factor to show the user is the person associated with the certificate. This typically includes login on from a device with the certificate installed and then also using a unique password and login ID.

Finally, if the user is not at the correct device, our system can provide a one-time only code to a pre-set device using SMS, voice messages or email. This ensures only the person originally setting up the Personal Authentication Certificate or Client certificate can have access to the system.

As more and more systems are in use and more complicated networks are used to store and access data, security will continue to be a major factor. As the leading Trust Provider in the world today, Comodo continues to develop products to keep your employees and your customers safe online.

To learn more about our different SSL/TLS products and how they can be effectively used to mitigate the risk of security breaches and hacking, visit us online at

You can give our sales team a call at +1 888 266 6361 to discuss your needs. This is a great way to find out about the basics of each certificate as well as the other data and network security products we provide. Spend some time looking around the website as well; there are some great articles to help you to decide the level of protection that is best for your needs.

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