Take Advantage Of The Comodo Wildcard SSL Certificate Trial

Not all Certificate Authorities offer trial or free versions of their SSL certificate products. As a wildcard is a specific type of product that can be used to secure both a main domain and all connected subdomains, providing a free trial period becomes a problem for the Certificate Authority.

To work around this issue, Comodo offers two different solutions that can provide full security and also provide customers with the confidence and comfort they need in choosing our SSL certificates. While we may not call it the Wildcard SSL certificate trial, we do offer 30 days at no risk to our customers and a full refund if the product is not a good match for your needs.

The Level of Security

It is important to realize that there are two different validation levels on any Wildcard SSL certificate. This includes the domain validation and the organization validation.

However, for our Wildcard SSL certificate trial and throughout the life of the certificate they offer the same level of security. When we define SSL security, we mean that our products offer 2048-bit signatures which are required by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

Additionally, we offer 128/256 bit encryption of data, which also meets all current and future recommendations and standards. This is always included regardless of the validation you select.

It is important to realize the difference between the domain validated and the organizational validated SSL. This will be important during the Wildcard SSL certificate trial as well as for the duration of the length of the certificate.

Domain Validated

The domain validated level includes the Certification Authority (that's us) verifying or validating that the applicant for the certificate is the owner of the domain name. This is done through checking with Whois to ensure the information is a match.

It is also possible to verify an approved agent is making the application for the domain owner. This is very common when an IT administrator is managing the website for the website owner.

The domain validation provides the padlock in the address bar as well as the http changed to https. The certificate will state that it is domain validated, which may not be the assurance that some customers require. This is the reason that most businesses choose the highest level of Wildcard validation, the organization level.

Organization Level

With the organization validation, the Certificate Authority is required to provide an increased level of validation. This includes verifying the domain information matches that of the applicant and then also providing validation for the organization.

The organization can be a business or an individual. The validation is completed through searching trusted databases, including records of business incorporation and other types of documentation. It also requires verifying the physical address of the business or individual through trusted sources.

At Comodo, we use the AICPA/CICA WebTrust for Certification Authorities Principles and Criteria for all of our validations at any level. To review the specific scope of the processes we follow for validation click on the WebTrust symbols at the bottom of any page of our website. This will provide all the information you need to verify the security levels we offer so your customers feel confident and secure in providing personal and financial information online through your website.

We Back our Products

With our Wildcard SSL certificate trial you have 30 days to try out the Comodo product, just as you do with all of our certs. If you aren't sure about switching CAs (Certificate Authorities), you may want to consider trying our free 90 day SSL certificate. This is not a wildcard, but it will provide you with an appreciation of our customer service, our quality of products and the proof you need to choose our wildcard.

If you do opt for the Wildcard SSL, even if you have previously used the 90 day free SSL certificate for a single domain, you still have the 30-day refund period from the time of application. Typically, you will have the files you need for the install in just minutes of the application being received.

We will provide full customer support and service throughout the life of the certificate. This includes issues you may have with installing the product on different servers during the Wildcard SSL certificate trial or in the months and years that follow.

To find out more about how our products make a difference to customer trust levels on your website, call us at +1 888 266 6361. You can also contact us through the easy to use live chat system on our website at https://www.instantssl.com.

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