The Advantages Of A Comodo UCC Certificate

There are a few different options that IT managers or website administrators can use to protect more than one domain with the same certificate. For many types of applications, a multi-domain product may be the best option and Comodo offers a variety of these Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) options.

If there is the need to secure Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Office Communication Server or servers, the Unified Communications Certificate (UC or UCC) is the top choice. This Comodo UCC certificate is different from a multi-domain product or a Wildcard SSL certificate in that it is designed specifically for use with the Microsoft Exchange and Office Communications servers.

Trying to use the Wildcard SSL certificate or the Multi-Domain certificate with these environments is often a challenge. This is particularly true with the Wildcard products regardless of the Certificate Authority (CA) you select. It is an internal issue within the server that can lead to significant challenges in getting the Wildcard SSL certificates to read correctly and without errors across the system.

The Comodo Difference

There is a real difference with the Comodo UCC certificate compared to some of the other UCC products out there. There are only three official vendors of the product recognized by Microsoft and we are one of those three. There are other UCC products on the market some which can run effectively on the system and others that may produce error messages.

As we are an authorized and official vendor, we work closely with the team at Microsoft to ensure the smooth functioning of our embedded root certificate with the specific server environment. With our background with Microsoft and our ability to work directly with their team if there is an issue that is a problem for our customers it can be quickly resolved with our teams working together to eliminate the source of the issue.

The UCC Wildcard Option

The Comodo UCC certificate can also be used in conjunction with our other products. Many of our clients will need to secure both subdomains and main domains within those specific types of environments.

This is done through adding the Wildcard to the SAN or Subject Alternative Name area of the UCC product. Just remember as with any type of wildcard you can specify the subdomain or sub subdomain level using the asterisk (*) symbol. As with all wildcards it is not possible to use more than one wildcard in any SAN.

This is a big confusing when written, but in examples you could include a wildcard in the SAN on the Comodo UCC certificate of * or * and this would secure all of the respective subdomains or second-level subdomains respectively. However, you could not combine the two and have a SAN entered into the UCC of *.*. under any condition.

Comodo offers a special rate for all of our customers who wish to add a Wildcard SSL certificate to a UCC. This is a flat rate per year that is lower than our Wildcard rate but still offers all of the subdomain security and the use across unlimited physical servers.

Speed Matters

We understand that when you have made the selection of a Comodo UCC certificate you want to complete the application and have the files needed to complete the install quickly.

At Comodo, we can provide the necessary files to you in just minutes from your application. There are some important considerations to keep in mind when completing the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) for the UCC. For instance, as of October 31, 2015, CAs can no longer issue SSL certificates with internal domain names. To help to clarify specific information about the types of domains that can be included the UC Certificate, please review our knowledgebase area.

If you are still not sure, our sales team is here to help. We can provide information on the types of domains that can be covered with this type of certificate as well as assistance in generating the Certificate Signing Request and the installation completed. The knowledgebase is a terrific reference and provides the step by step instructions you need.

Keep mind that our Comodo UCC certificate, as with our other products, can be used on unlimited physical services. If you need assistance with this or if you need a replacement certificate for some reason, talk to us today. To talk to us in person, call us at +1 888 266 6361 or visit us online through the live chat system at

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