The Benefits Of Installing A PKI Certificate Free Of Charge

By far the most SSL/TLS products sold or offered by Comodo or other recognized trust providers are those designed to provide secure websites. These are more correctly known as web servers and having the right products to encrypt information from the site to the server is essential for customer protection.

In fact, most online customers, while they may not be able to define SSL, known to look for the padlock in the address bar or a green address bar. They also know to look for the Comodo TrustLogo site seal to verify they are on a trusted and verified site that is using industry standard encryption to send their personal and financial information across the internet.

Even if they may not realize it, they also rely on those warning messages to alert them to a website that is not using SSL/TLS products. Now, the browser will automatically display the warning about any problem with the SSL/TLS product or the lack of security. This could include a name mismatch with the certificate or even an expired certificate. It may also indicate a certificate that has been revoked because the security has been breached in some way.

These SSL/TLS products use Public Key Infrastructure as a framework to use a pair of keys to encrypt and decrypt the information. They also use a certificate to validate the web server or server and this certificate includes the domain name of the site. The certificate is only valid for that website and any Subject Alternative Names listed on the certificate.

The result of the installation of an SSL/TLS certificate is that the web server is trusted and the information sent from that specific domain or subdomain is encrypted and protected. It can only be decrypted by the server with the corresponding private key.

The Email Issue

Email is very different from a web server. There isn't a specific domain name for your personal email, so using an SSL/TLS product, other than the PKI certificate free of charge from Comodo simply won't work.

To understand why the PKI certificate free for personal use will work, let's take a closer look at the big picture.

First, when you send an email that is not encrypted it is like sending a postcard or a letter in an unsealed envelope. Anyone with the desire to read the information just has to look. Email is not encrypted or protected and it may go through multiple servers, each one which can potentially cause security concerns from hackers.

While you may think a letter to your Aunt or even a close friend may not be a risk, or perhaps your personal email is just for keeping in touch with those around you, there is a surprising amount of information that can be gleaned from those hacking or phishing.

If they were to read your email could they find out where you went to school, your favorite things to do, the name of your pet or even a birthday? Would you, or the person you are emailing, know if someone had intercepted your email and added a question or made a request for information?

Then, taking that one step further, would your friend or family member give them the answer to any question willingly in a return email thinking it was from you? Or, even worse, would you do the same not realizing that someone in the middle was taking all the information and modifying the emails to get just what they needed to access your system?

By installing our Comodo personal PKI certificate free of charge, you can avoid all these issues. Even if you aren't sending overtly confidential or critical information, you can still be sure it is safe, signed and encrypted and will arrive in the same way you sent it without any tampering.

At Comodo, we have always believed that making the internet secure is not just for profit. It is for the safety of all users and for ongoing opportunities for individuals, businesses and the world as a whole. Our free products for personal and home use can provide you with the same encryption, authentication and digital certificates that a multinational company is using, and that is something we are very proud to be able to say.

If you are interested in our free PKI certificate for your email, visit our website at It is easy to apply for the certificate and installation is very simple. We provide information in our knowledgebase or give us a call at +1 888 266 6361 if you have any questions.

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