The Benefits Of Using UC Certificate Programs

When Netscape first created the technology for an advanced method to securely encrypt data being transferred between a client and server, they named it Secure Sockets Layer or SSL. In 1994 the results weren't stellar but by 2003 the United States Government approved the technology to transfer classified documents, proving the security of the SSL/TLS available today.

The original certificates were literally one to one for a specific main domain or Fully Qualified Domain Name. This meant that if you needed or wanted to have multiple subdomains, the only option was to make a separate purchase of an SSL certificate for each different subdomain as well as the main domain.

For larger websites, this became cost ineffective or cost prohibitive. This need led to the development of the Wildcard SSL certificate. This is a certificate that can be used to secure the main domain and all the subdomains with a single cert. To do this the Fully Qualified Domain Name or Common Name is designated with the asterisk (*) character in the place of the subdomain.

However, there are limits with the Wildcard SSL certificate as well. While it can be used to secure the subdomains under the main domain, it is limited to just one main domain. This means that for every main domain there needs to be an additional Wildcard SSL certificate or standard single SSL certificate product in place.

The Answer in UC Certificate Programs

To address these issues, Certificate Authorities developed Unified Communications certificates. The UC certificate programs allow a single certificate to be used to provide security for different domain names or common names you wish to include within the coverage.

Using the SAN or Subject Alternative Name field on the certificate allows you to fully customize which of the SSL- enabled websites you wish to host on the given server. This is all done without the need for separate IP addresses that would be required with other SSL certificate product options.

In other words, one certificate could be used to provide security for all of the following:


The standard UC certificate program will include 3 different Fully Qualified Domain Names that can be both internal and external. They are designed to be used on Microsoft Exchange or Office Communications Servers and they support all the latest in functions that these servers offer.

Along with the included 3 Fully Qualified Domain Names, it is also possible to add up to another 97 for a total of 100 Fully Qualified Domain Names for each UC certificate program.

The additional domains do have an additional charge. However, by doing the math, it is easy to see that these certificates still offer a much lower cost that other options, including using a Wildcard SSL certificate for every main domain.

It is also possible to combine a Wildcard SSL certificate with a UC certificate as necessary to provide subdomain coverage by main domain. To help our customers, Comodo offers a special rate on these Wildcard SSL certificates that provide a top level of website security through the main and subdomains on internal and external networks.

Some Features to Consider

When using the UC certificate program, the domains contained in the certificate will be organizationally validated. This is the highest validation level possible with any SSL certificate product except the EV SSL. The extended validation SSL is not possible in the UC certificate or the Wildcard certificate products as it has to be matched to one specific website and not more than one.

There are only a handful of Certificate Authorities able to offer the UC certificate program. As one of only three Certificate Authorities and vendor able to offer this certificate, we realize it is new to many people, even those in the IT industry.

All of our certificates come with 128/256 bit encryption to meet all industry standards for SSL/TLS products. These certificates are also designed to work with the autodiscover feature in the server, making them a time and energy saving product for system administrators.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of the UC certificate or if it is the right option for your internal and external SSL/TLS needs, give us a call or spend some time browsing our site. The resource and knowledgebase areas have some great articles and you can also talk to our sales staff to find out specifics. Give us a call at +1 888 266 6361 or connect with us through the live chat on the website at

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