The Benefits To Using A PKI Browser Certificate

Having a PKI browser certificate allows full verification of the user's identity before being able to log into or use specific applications or documents. This provides a level of security that is very different from a standard SSL/TLS certificate.

The Trust Factor

The SSL/TLS certificate protects information being sent by the user to the server. This is through the use of Public Key Infrastructure or PKI technology, so in that way it fits with the definition of SSL in the classic sense. However, when used with email and data transmission, they offer additional features that are equally important in both personal and business communications.

At Comodo, we believe that internet security is important for everyone. While our SSL/TLS certificates are used to secure websites, including both domains and subdomains, they are not designed specifically to build and maintain trust in information shared between two email addresses.

To build in this level of security and trust the use of different options in the various PKI browser certificate options it is important to choose a recognized Certificate Authority or CA. With Comodo now the world's leading Trust Provider we are the company to secure your personal email as well as that for a business or corporation.

To provide security to all, we offer a free, no cost PKI browser certificate for your email. This will work with all major mail clients including Thunderbird, Windows and Microsoft Outlook. Even our corporate email security products are a very low cost per year with additional discounts if you use our EPKI or Enterprise Public Key Infrastructure Manager tool.

The Importance

The importance of a PKI browser certificate is one of the central factors to building consumer confidence online. For an online retailer, the padlock in the address bar, the Comodo TrustLogo site seal on the page and the ability to review and verify the certificate is important.

For email the use of the Public Key Infrastructure is essential to authenticate the mail is coming from the person the receiver thinks is the sender and not some third party. As the Certificate Authority verifies or validates the user and binds the certificate and the keys to that user it is a highly effective tool.

However, it doesn't just stop there. With email, there is also the opportunity to add a digital signature. This creates what is known as a hash message that is a mathematical representation of the message that is created using the sender's private key. The receiver's computer uses the public key to decrypt the message and the hash, ensuring it is exactly as sent without any modifications or changes.

The result of using this type of Public Key Infrastructure is that the email can be legally ascertained to be exactly as the sender signed it without any tampering. It also creates what is known as non-revocation in that it proves the sender is who sent the email. There is no way for the sender, at some later date, to deny sending the email or saying it was altered in some way by a third party during transmission.

Security Issues

To further add to the trust factor, if there is a breach in access to the private keys on any Public Key Infrastructure based certificate the Certificate Authority can revoke the certificate. This will essentially render the private key that has been stolen or fraudulently accessed to be rendered useless.

Most corporate entities combining their PKI browser certificate for email and for their domains and subdomains will use the EPKI Manager for easy tracking. To increase security, the system allows for the main administrator for the system to designate additional access privileges to others to access specific parts of the Manager.

This allows the main administrator to limit access to specific features of the system, such as the ability to generate SSL/TLS products, while allowing access to reporting or other types of features. This access control is a very important part of the security and will protect the integrity of the private keys without limiting access to necessary functions by those in specific positions.

To learn more about the benefits of different PKI browser certificate options, see our sales team at Comodo. We are easy to reach by phone at +1 888 266 6361 or through the website at We are here to answer your questions and to ensure you get the right Public Key Infrastructure and SSL/TLS products for your website.

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