The Importance Of A PCI Certification Expiration Date

If you are familiar with the technology and applications of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates, then you know that each certificate has a start and an end date. In between these dates the certificate is verified by the Certificate Authority to be accurate and correct, allowing for secure transmission of information from a client to a server or between servers.

The importance of the expiration date for an SSL/TLS certificate is in the ability of the Certificate Authority to provide validation and verification of the information. For example, if a business applied for an SSL/TLS certificate at any level for one, two or three years (again depending on the specific type of certificate) information about the domain, the organization/business/individual or even extended validation about the corporation or business has to be verified by the Certificate Authority.

Additionally, the Certificate Authority has to be trusted by those producing devices and browsers. This allows the browser and the device to have the Certificate Authority's root certificate or certificates embedded in the device or browser. The only way that this happens is when the Certificate Authority follows the AICPA/CICA WebTrust for Certification Authorities Principles and Criteria and also passes independent third party audits of their verification methods and practices.

As there is this level of trust and this requirement for verification the SSL/TLS certificate has to have an expiration date so the validation can be completed and remain trustworthy. The same is true with the need for a PKI certificate expiration date.

The PKI Certificate

At Comodo, we offer a free PKI certificate for home or personal use and a very low cost option for use for businesses. For large companies with multiple employees needing the use of a Personal Authentication Certificate we offer bulk sales prices, just contact our sales team and we can discuss pricing and options.

With these products, we offer a one, two or three year PKI certificate expiration date. As with all of our products the longer the term of the certificate the lower the annual price will be. To help out businesses of any size the full three years before the PKI certificate expiration date will give you the best pricing with a full 18% off of the annual price if you only choose a one year term.

If you are an IT professional, you know that tracking and managing all the different PKI certificate expiration date issues can be overwhelming and a logistical nightmare. To get rid of this issue completely and to ensure you never miss a PKI certificate expiration date, we offer our EPKI or Enterprise PKI Manager that will keep track of all of the Comodo SSL/TLS products as well as S/MIME (email) certificates on your system.

This is a great tool to avoid missing those important deadlines. It is also simple to use as you can sign-up online and easily keep track of the all the products in one easy to use centralized utility. It doesn't require any downloads or additional software but instead works with a web-based console access.

To reduce your workload even further this feature allows you to set up specific services for sub-users to access. With these permissions you can provide anyone you designate with authority to issue specific types of SSL/TLS products, to monitor or manage reporting or to even manage certificate life cycles and renewals.

There is the option to Pay-As-You-Go or make a small deposit. The deposit will be used for future SSL/TLS product purchases and locks in lower rates than even those advertised online.


It is also possible to revoke a PKI certificate before the expiration date. There are several reasons this may be required, including if an employee leaves the company or if the private key was somehow compromised.

This could occur if the employee lost or shared a device or if there was some other breach of the security of the system either from an internal or external source. If you are using the EPKI Manager, you have the ability to issue replacement certificates for employees or clients in just minutes, ensuring your business can keep operating without any risk to data transferred through emails.

If you are interested in learning more about our PKI certificates for either personal or business use, give us call today at +1 888 266 6361 or visit the website at Remember, we can also help you with a quote if you need a large volume of PKI certificates or if you have questions about any of our SSL/TLS products.

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