The Importance Of Email Authentication

For most corporate email accounts there may be an SSL product already protecting the email going in and out of the system to other users. However, for most corporate users without the protection behind Microsoft Exchange and Office Communications servers and UCC (United Communications Certificates), the email is not protected.

This is also true for private email accounts. What you are sending in your email can easily be seen by others as it moves through different servers throughout the system. The mistake most people make is assuming that the transfer or data goes from the sender to the receiver directly, which is certainly not the case. In fact, emails often go through multiple servers, which provides the opportunity for multiple areas where the email can be modified, added to or hacked.

Some people in the IT industry compare this to having an open envelope or even a postcard going through the mail. It is open and evident to anyone handling the postcard or letter that wants to stop and read the information.

To resolve this issue, email authentication through an SSL certificate is the best option. This is a simple, low cost or even free option offered through Comodo to address these very issues.

The Cost

The cost of email authentication really depends on the company or Certificate Authority (CA) you are considering. Comodo is one of the few companies that offers a free personal authentication certificate. We do this because we believe that people should have the ability to send information through email to anyone else without the need to worry about someone changing, modifying or altering the information or even listening in on the entire conversation.

For corporate accounts, we provide a very low annual fee per email. This can be as low as just twelve dollars a year to provide the secure transmission to protect your customers as well as your own company. For large corporations requiring bulk orders of these types of certificates, we can work with you on a price based on the specific number required.

How it Works

All email authentication certificates are also known as S/MIME or SMIME certificates. They use SSL (secure sockets layer) technology to allow specific emails sent to be signed and encrypted through the email provider.

At the same time, the certificate and the public keys will be recognized by the receiver's mail system. This will allow the email to be decrypted, but only to by the person to whom it was sent.

It works just like any SSL/TLS product. You will type your email as you always do and then it will digitally sign and encrypt the email. By digitally signing your post it locks the current content in place and provides notification to the receiver if it was altered after the signature.

In addition to the digital signature with the email authentication, you will also have all the email encrypted, which prohibits anyone from reading, viewing or eavesdropping in on the email as it passes through the servers. For those companies or individuals sending contracts or other types of signed documents across the internet, this is a feature that will ensure you stay within all security requirements and industry standard guidelines. This level of compliance provides protection for both you and your company.

With the use of our email authentication, you will use the same standard for authentication that banks and other financial institutes use. This is called two-factor authentication. The certificate and login will be automatically generated and everyone logging onto a website will use their standard password and username.

To avoid confusion and to explain the reason for the login a pop-up box will let them know the site using a certificate. This will also explain that the login allows for protection of email messages and to provide the identity to a remote computer.

The benefit of the personal authentication certificates becomes more evident as employees and clients share more information online. Protection for this transfer of data, the digital signature of documents sent online and the ability to seamlessly and effectively authenticate those logging onto your website are also important factors.

If you are not sure if you need email authentication or aren't clear on the benefits and additional security it offers, see us at You can read the website and check out the resources to learn more. To answer any questions you may have, we are here to talk to you through live chat or give us a call at +1 888 266 6361.

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