The Importance of Enterprise SSL Security Certificate Management

As businesses grow, so does their need for security. The bigger you become the more likely you could be targeted by the wrong kind of people for fraud and theft. More and more devices are going online for business and this helps to diversify but at the same time, can leave you vulnerable. In order to secure all the mobile devices, portals, networks, systems, websites and other connections to the Internet, you may need a wide range of SSL security certificate options. Security certificate lifecycle management can be a full-time job for an administrator and choosing the best authority and plan is vital for proper management. Here are some important reasons to choose Enterprise PKI manager from Comodo.

What is Enterprise PKI Management?

An administrator must keep track of all certificates (and there could many within an organization). First, you must be aware of security situations and recognize the need for SSL. Next, you need to decide which kind of certificate is best for each situation. You also need to take budget into account and this means finding the best deals with the best authorities. And this is just the beginning when it comes to responsibilities. Here are more things EPKI management entails:

  • SSL security certificate purchases
  • Installation - this includes doing whatever it takes to go through the validation process.
  • Monitoring - this is an ongoing process.
  • Keeping track of all the expiration dates
  • Making sure certificates do not expire
  • Checking for new security problems which may need certificates
  • Additional considerations - other matters can affect the lifecycle of certificates. This includes issues like mergers, acquisitions and policy changes.

As you can see, there are many different tasks to monitor and manage and the modern PKI manager must do all these things simultaneously. Comodo understands the needs of the administrator and this is why we offer Comodo EPKI Manager.

What is Comodo Enterprise SSL Security Certificate Manager?

EPKI Manager offers the administrator one console to manage all certificates from. There is no need to log in to several different sources and constantly switch back and forth. Tracking and purchasing certificates can be time consuming and take several days. EPKI makes it possible to receive an SSL certificate for email or websites in a matter of minutes. This greatly simplifies the PKI management process.

Save on Costs

Many PKI budgets are limited for a number of reasons and cost is one of the most important factors. Comodo offers simple and affordable PKI solutions for enterprises. In addition, after you open your account, you can qualify for additional discounts to save even more money.

The Comodo EPKI Advantage

When you take advantage of Comodo's EPKI Manager you will enjoy a number of important and convenient benefits. For example:

  • Cost effective
  • Internet based console - no need to purchase or install special software. No additional training or skills required for management. Just log into the account online. With the Web based system, the admin can access it from anywhere, making it very convenient.
  • Issue email certificates
  • Issue personal authentication certificates
  • Purchase an SSL security certificate for all domains
  • Complete management and reporting abilities
  • Getting started is simple and easy and does not take long.
  • Payment options - you can make a deposit for future purchases or simply pay as you need to purchase. The choice is yours, but when you open a deposit account you'll enjoy other benefits like discounted prices.
  • User options - are there others you would like to grant full or limited access privileges to? With EPKI Manager this is not a problem, as you can create sub user accounts and control the type of access they have.
Proper PKI Management is Essential in the 21st Century

Many companies today enjoy the benefits of virtual private networks and many cloud based applications. In fact, even internal communications should have SSL security certificate protection. After all, many forms of personal and financial information can be stored, transferred and utilized and security is of the utmost importance at all times.

Even communications taking place from one server to the next, should have secure sockets layer certificates. Anytime information is exchanged, there is a security risk and this technology helps to keep it safe. Today's PKI manager has a big job and Comodo is there to help.

If you would like to explore the many benefits of Comodo's Enterprise SSL security certificate Management solutions, come to our website today at To talk directly to a representative, please call us toll free 1-888-266-6361.

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