The Importance Of Matching PKI Certificate Usage To Products

Doing business online, particularly for an online consumer or a B2B (Business to Business) transaction trust is an essential consideration. After all, how does a customer know it is safe to do business with a company in another part of the world? How does a business know a contract sent by email can be a legally binding agreement? How can a client be comfortable in banking online and providing their account number to write an e-check to pay a bill?

The answer to those questions is found in the meaning of SSL. For IT professional this is a system of Public Key Cryptography using complex algorithms and mathematical operations to encrypt and decrypted data. It is also the use of specific 2048 bit signatures that are used by a Certificate Authority to validate an intermediate CA and so on down the line until the end of the chain.

This is really at the heart of PKI certificate usage. Knowing the level of validation and security needed is critical. This includes the security for email or the types of domains and subdomains that need to be protected. Being able to identify the most effective and best option for PKI certificate usage for a particular need can be a challenge, particularly with so many products on the market.

At Comodo, we have worked with Fortune 500 companies and individual bloggers needing to secure their websites. We provide Personal Authentication Certificates for the largest multinational companies as well as a free version of the same certificate for anyone wanting email encryption and digital signatures from their personal email account.

As the largest Trust Provider in the world, we have a top selection of SSL/TLS products. We were also one of just a few CAs recognized by Microsoft as a vendor of the UC certificate for Microsoft Exchange and Office Communications servers.

To help to choose the best product for your specific PKI certificate usage and needs, we recommend you consider the following factors when replacing an existing certificate or adding a new certificate to your system and network.

Cost Factor

When shopping around online, you will find a very large variation in the prices charged for SSL/TLS products. This can range from a few dollars a year to almost double the price per year between the highest and lowest prices.

Most of the top CAs will be very competitive in the base price. Compare the prices over one, two and three years and often you will find more of a difference in the discounts offered for the extended terms.

Another factor to look at when considering cost is any additional charges. For example, some CAs will charge fees for installing the cert on different physical servers while Comodo offers unlimited licenses for the duration of the term.

If you are considering a Multi-Domain or a UC certificate, be sure to check the cost to add more Fully Qualified Domain Names or Subject Alternative Names than are allowed with the base price. This can often be a big savings by going with the Comodo low cost per additional domain.

Trust Factor

When it comes to trust, we think our name says it all. You will find the Comodo certificates on some of the major website that used in multiple countries and even on a global level.

Start looking in the address bar on the green EV SSL websites and you will see the Comodo name next to the URL and the green padlock. It will alternate with the legal name of the company owning the domain and the cert. Additionally, keep an eye out for our distinctive TrustLogo site seal. Consumers do look for this on websites any recognize our corporate brand.

Comodo has our root certificates embedded in all major browsers and devices. We are recognized by 99.9% of browsers and devices which virtually eliminates issues with security warnings that can drive off customers and decrease online trust.

Security Factor

At Comodo, we understand your PKI certificate usage may have different levels of security and trust. As mentioned above, we provide the EV SSL or extended validation SSL/TLS certificates that provide the highest level of assurance and trust for your customers and clients.

Additionally, we also provide DV or domain validated and OV or organizational validation. For basic sites with limited sharing of personal data the DV may be the best level and the most cost effective. The OV level is ideal for many ecommerce sites.

For more information on PKI certificate usage and options, be sure to give us a call at +1 888 266 6361. You can also read more online at, or contact us through the Live Chat system.

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