The Myth Of The Free UC SSL Certificate

When it comes to providing security to a website and protecting data, customers, employees and clients, it is amazing how many IT professionals, administrators and website owners are constantly looking for free products.

This is even more puzzling given the very low cost associated with Secure Sockets Layer products. For just a few hundred dollars a year it is possible to secure multiple domains and subdomains on any server with the Multi-Domain/SAN certificate or a single domain and multiple subdomains with a Wildcard SSL certificate.

Then, for the specialized application with the Microsoft Exchange and Office Communications servers, there is the Unified Communications Certificate (UCC), also known as the UC SSL cert. This is often where we find our prospective customers want to know if we offer a free UC SSL certificate on a trial basis or for 30 days.

Free Products

At Comodo, we do offer an 90 day free SSL certificate that will secure one main domain with our 256 bit encryption with 2048 bit signature. It will also provide the security your customers are looking for while you get a chance to review our products and make a choice as to the best option for your requirements.

This is a great way to connect with our knowledgebase, try out the certificate and the customer service and even get full support from our tech department. While we don't offer a free UC SSL certificate, this is an ideal option to take advantage of to get a feel for the quality of products and the support you can expect from Comodo in the future.

Our Refund Policy

With our top reviews and top marks from customers for our products and technical and customer service support, we don't do a lot of refunds. However, with all of our SSL/TLS products our customers can request a refund for all paid products for 30 days after the certificate is generated and available.

While this isn't the same as a free UC SSL certificate, it gives our customers the peace of mind and confidence in knowing we stand behind our products. During this first month and throughout the life of the UC certificate we will provide top levels of customers and tech support to address any and all issues you may be experiencing.

As the UC certificate is designed to work specifically with the Microsoft Exchange and Office Communications servers, there are very limited issues during the life of the certificate. Our close work with Microsoft in developing the security product allows you to take full advantage of an SSL certificate that was created to work perfectly with the Office Communications server and Microsoft Exchange.

The Self-Signed Option

If you look online, you will find blogs and websites that promote the use of a self-signed certificate, even with Microsoft Exchange and Office Communications servers. While it is possible to use these options, there are some very important security issues to remember.

The most important issues is that not all clients will accept self-signed certs. This means that if an employee or customer is using a device to access that specific domain, there will be an error message displayed. Depending on the client this error message will look different, but it is going to generate a lot of calls and a lot of concern.

A self-signed certificate is basically the Exchange server saying I am trustworthy because I am vouching or validating myself. Some applications, specifically Outlook Anywhere, will not accept these certificates. This can create a lot of problems for businesses and organizations where employees or management may log onto the system to check work email or to access information. Seeing those warning signs will cause problems and a lot of unnecessary questions and concerns about the security of the site.

There are some free certificates available online. However, you won't find free UC SSL certificate offerings. Some of the free certificates are unclear about their ability to function as a recognized or trusted Certificate Authority (CA). Most of these CAs do not have the certificates embedded in the browser or device, so they also contribute to those annoying security pop up messages.

To learn more about the value and pricing of the UC certificate from Comodo, give us a call today. We can discuss your options and help you to choose the right product for your budget and for your security needs. While we cannot offer you a free UC SSL certificate, you will find ways to save money by calling +1 888 266 6361 or visiting us at

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