The Perils Of DIY IT Network Security

Small businesses, startups or even part-time online businesses as a little bit of extra money are typically short on the funds they need to hire an IT professional. They often resort or choose to go the do-it-yourself route, which at first glance may not seem like a bad idea.

Comodo, as the leading trust provider in the world, works with many small business and ecommerce owners to supply SSL certificate products at the level required to create a safe and secure online experience for their customers. We also provide full support for our SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) certificates, making it easy even for a non-IT professional to provide this level of trust and assurance.

However, there are other issues with IT network security that the do-it-yourselfer may simply miss or overlook. It is also possible that someone not working in the profession may not even realize there are potential security issues lurking in their current system that are just what a hacker may be looking for to exploit.

Understanding the Risks

If you are doing your own IT network security to avoid spending money on an IT professional, you are probably also doing a lot of other tasks to get your business up and running and to try to reduce costs.

The problem is there are simply too many factors and too many rapidly evolving issues with cyber security to stay on top of and aware of for the average person. On the other hand, an IT network security profession does this for a living. He or she knows the latest in security upgrades needed, where and how new attacks on systems are coming from and what can be done to minimize the risk of your business becoming one of the thousands that are targeted in these attacks every day.

Lack of Technical Understanding

The technical vulnerabilities of your network are also a challenge. Even if you are aware you need to use encryption for the website any have the ability to encrypt and digitally sign your email you may not understand how to manage the technology.

Securing the server, ensuring the ports are configured to minimize the risk of attack through an open port or even in how to prevent opening up the system to attack will also be important. Unfortunately, it is often only after a breach in security that the company or website own becomes aware of these types of issues.

Industry Requirements and Protocols

To take credit or debit card payments, to accept government or Department of Defense contracts, to transmit personal information or patient information or to complete any number of actions in your work may require specific IT network security standards and protocols be in place.

Failing to have these protocols, requirements or standards can result in the loss of a contract or a job or, in a worse-case scenario, a potential lawsuit. If there is a security breach and the correct protection was not in place a company could be held liable by anyone damaged through the breach.

Knowing what is required in the industry can be complicated and complex. Hiring an IT network security professional to get your system up to required standards is not just proactive, it can actually protect your business from lawsuits or claims that could be devastating. This damage may occur even if there isn't a lawsuit, but it could have a lasting impact on the company's reputation and level of trust moving forward.

If a small business cannot afford to hire an IT network security specialist on staff, a consultant may be a good compromise option. These professionals can develop plans and procedures and work a few hours a week or work just to get the system up to standards.

This can be an effective option for a small company. It ensures the professional services are provided and the correct SSL/TLS products, email security and network security is in place. The consultant can then review the system on a regular basis or as need, ensuring that the security requirements are maintained and the online site or the business is in compliance with all industry requirements.

For more information on how our SSL/TLS products, including our Personal Authentication Certificates for email, can be used to boost your website security, talk to our staff at Comodo. We also offer other trust products that can be incorporated into your network.

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