The Use OF The PKI Certificate Generator

For personal use or for a small business where the owner or manager may also be the go-to IT specialist, the idea of installing a PKI certificate may seem to be a lot of potential work and troubles.

However, through the use of the automatic PKI certificate generator at Comodo, it is actually a very simple process. To review just want you will need for either an SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) certificate or an email PKI certificate, let's take each one step by step.

It is important to keep in mind that using the PKI certificate generator, regardless of the specific type of certificate you require, starts with a few basic steps. First, and this is very important, be sure to use the PKI certificate generator on the device where you want to install the certificate.

For the email PKI certs, this will include using the email address that you wish to have secured to provide digital signatures. The certificate can later be exported to other devices, but it has to first be installed on the original email account or server depending on the type of SSL/TLS product.

The use of PKI or Public Key Infrastructure is a framework for the encryption and decryption of the data transmitted between the sender and receiver's email or between a client and server (for a website) or between a server and a server. It is the central and universally excepted way that this data can be transmitted in an encrypted fashion to avoid tampering, hacking or eavesdropping as the data is transferred through servers.

Without the use of the Public Key Infrastructure data travels across the internet in readable form for anyone to view or intercept. This leaves both email as well as data sent from a web server (website) vulnerable to hacking, tampering or other types of cyber attacks.

Domain Certificates

All SSL/TLS products use Public Key Infrastructure as they use encryption and decryption through the use of paired keys. These keys, as with the email certs, include a public and a private key.

You will use a PKI certificate generator on the server to create what is known as a Certificate Signing Request or CSR. This is generated through either command line for OpenSSL or through a wizard or utility for some servers. Either option can be used on any server including for use with Microsoft Exchange and Office Communications servers.

The specific type of certificate requested will be based on what you need to secure. For example, Comodo offers single domain SSL/TLS products at the domain, organization and extended validation levels.

We also offer Wildcard SSL certificates to protect domain and subdomains. Other certificates including Multi-Domain, UC certificates and Multi-Domain EV certs can also be used to provide the level of trust and assurance you require.

Personal or Email Certs

Personal certs, which may also be called S/MIME (Secure Multipurpose Mail Extensions) or Client certificates use a different type of PKI certificate generator. This can also be completed through the Comodo website for either business or personal use.

These are specialized certificates that allow you to encrypt your emails and to provide a digital signature, creating secure emails that can only be read by the intended receiver with the corresponding public key to your private key.

With the PKI certificate generator, the application process will create the private key and bind that key, and the certificate, to a specific email address. For personal use, Comodo offers these certificates for free. Just use the application provide on the website to input the details of the certificate. We will then provide you with everything required to complete the process and protection your email and attachments.

For businesses, we recommend our EPKI Manager or Enterprise Public Key Infrastructure Manager. This is a web based console that allows you designated administrator and any assigned sub-administrator access to full reporting and managing of all SSL/TLS PKI products from Comodo across the network. It also allows your administrator or designated sub-users to complete issuance of PKI certs as needed, allowing you to quickly get new employees and clients up and running and fully secure.

To learn more about the different options in PKI products from Comodo, take your time and look through the information provided on the site. From you can access our knowledgebase or read articles in the resource section that go into greater detail.

If you have any questions about our products or if you need information on bulk purchases for businesses and enterprise solutions, give us a call today at +1 888 266 6361.

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