The Wildcard SSL: How To Maximize The Value And Cut Costs

There are several different options in SSL certificates that can be used to provide security and trust for more than one combination of domain and subdomains or multiple domains.

Knowing which one to use that is most effective and most efficient is going to be critical. It is also important to know what you need in regards to the meaning of SSL validation and how it may matter to the sales you see through the website.

To get started, consider the reasons why learning about a Wildcard SSL certificate and how to maximize trust and assurance for consumers results in a positive boost to your bottom line.

The History

While many people using online transactions today were not yet born, those who do remember the early years of "shopping online" before the term ecommerce was even coined remember the issues.

Prior to 1994 and even in the few years following, there was a very real concern about personal information being transmitted between a website and a server. While there were some security measures in place on some sites, they were not uniform or consistent. Breaches in security were a very real problem and held back the development of ecommerce growth.

In 1994 Netscape started to use SSL technology in a key encrypted protocol system. The system wasn't perfect, but within a few years it provided the security to allow the online sales market to grow and flourish.

The development of the Wildcard SSL certificate and how to secure both a main domain and all first-level subdomains added to the options for securing larger sites while staying with a website development budget.

By applying the (*), also known as a wildcard to the subdomain part (the www) of the Fully Qualified Domain Name(FQDN)the wildcard covers all subdomain that have the second-level and top-level component of the DNS that match to the certificate. For example, if the second-level and top-level of the main domain was the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) would include * in the FQDN line. This would allow the one certificate to cover any and all subdomains such as, or which would all be available to rank on search engine results and be used to direct customers or users to specific pages (subdomains) of a website.

Customer Awareness

In addition to making a website more SEO friendly and easy to navigate, the use of the Wildcard SSL certificate and how to provide security needs to be carefully taken into consideration.

Online shoppers and consumers today look for the telltale signs of the secure site. They know to check for the https and the padlock in the address bar. Many consumers will also look for a site seal that indicates there is SSL/TLS technology in use on the site.

Comodo provides the TrustLogo site seal as part of our package. As we are the world's largest Trust Provider your customers will be familiar with our logo and seal and will associate that with a trustworthy and secure site.

We will be here to help you with the installation of the Wildcard SSL certificate and how to display the Comodo TrustLogo site seal on your page. We want your customers to feel confident using your site and knowing they are providing personal and financial information on a very secure site.

Increase Conversions and Decrease Lost Sales

By installing a Wildcard SSL certificate, which is thousands of dollar cheaper than individual SSL certificates for each subdomain, your customers will see that each page is secured.

This will boost customer confidence in shopping at your site, increasing conversion rates for new buyers coming to your site that would leave if the SSL/TSL technology was not in place. Additionally, if you have a history on the site of abandoned shopping carts and have some pages unsecured or some sources to the site that are not secured this will also drop dramatically.

Keep in mind that browsers now display the warning if anyone goes to a site doesn't use SSL/TLS technology, if the certificate is expired, or if parts of the site are not secured. These warnings are going to drive customers away, costing you money.

If you are interested in fully covering your main domain and all subdomains with one low-cost, easy to manage Wildcard SSL certificate talk to our experienced sales staff. Give us a call at +1 888 266 6361 or contact us through the online chat available at

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