Tips For A Successful Zimbra Install Of A Wildcard SSL Certificate

While Zimbra may not be a household name for non-IT professionals, it is a top choice for many for a complete software platform that includes both an email server and a web client as well as a full desktop client.

This is a collaborative type of software that is open-source as well as closed-source. Users can choose between the two options or mix and match components to customize their use and design a system to meet their requirements. It is very effective in synchronizing online communications, including calendars, mail, contact both with other open-source options as well as with products such as Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook.

It is also important as it has the ability to provide two-way syncing between devices. This includes all Android and iPhone products as well as with BlackBerry, Windows Mobile devices and with Nokia.

Comodo is a trusted source of 99.9% of devices and browsers. We are a great choice when you need complete a Zimba install of a Wildcard SSL certificate. The most common option to do the install is to use either the Admin Console through Zimba or the zmcertmgr tool.

The Process

When you are planning to complete the Zimba install of a Wildcard SSL certificate, the first step in the process is to complete the Certificate Signing Request (CSR). This is done on the Zimbra server where the wildcard will be installed. As with all secure sockets layer products it is important to generate the Certificate Signing Request on the correct server.

To start the CSR log in as root and input the command line with your information. This will include the country, which is a two letter code, the state or province as well as the city. It is important to use the correct name and not a shortened version of the geographic information other than the country code.

Next, fill in the organization name. This is the legal name of the person or business (organization) applying for the SSL/TLS product. If you use LLC or INC as part of the legal company name include those designations in the abbreviated form as they appear on your legal business documents. You can also fill in the organizational unit; this will be the department making the request. Often this will be the tech or IT department but this is not always the case.

Next, it is critical to include the correct common name. As you want a wildcard do not enter the Fully Qualified Domain Name or full common name that includes the "www" or the specific subdomain.

Instead, in the pace of the subdomain (www), include the asterisk (*) which is the designated wildcard. Once this is completed double check all information and submit the Certificate Signing Request to the Certificate Authority.

At Comodo, we make this step very easy. You can follow the prompts and complete payment, choosing a one, two or three-year option. The three-year cert offers considerable cost savings and is well worth considering. Within a few minutes, you will have the files you need to move on to the Zimba install of a Wildcard SSL certificate.

The Installation

If you receive a zip file, unzip the bundle and store the files on the server. You will need to find the server certificate (it will have your domain name and .crt) and place it in the SSL directory.

In addition, and in order, copy and paste the intermediate certificates starting with the first and moving through, in order, to the root certificate. Include the "Begin Certificate" and "End Certificate" parts of the certificate for each.

You will need to verify or validate this chain. You can use the tool to enable the certificate and then we always recommend using the Comodo Certificate Analyzers to verify the install and that all aspects of the Secure Sockets Layer is functioning correctly.

We can always help out if you run into any complications or challenges during the generation of the CSR or during install. Or tech support and customer service teams are available to our customers throughout the life of the certificate should you ever have any questions or problems. Sometimes even experienced IT professionals may have challenges with exporting and importing SSL certificates across multiple servers, so it is always a good thing to know we are here to assist.

To provide you with more information on how a Wildcard SSL certificate will benefit your website, or to discuss your options, give us a call at +1 888 266 6361. You may also want to text us through our live chat system at

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