Tips For Finding A Cheap UC SSL Certificate

If you are in the market for a cheap UC SSL certificate, you are probably an IT professional, administrator or website manager with experience in working with Microsoft Exchange and Office Communications servers.

You are also well versed in the meaning and definition of SSL, so we are not going to spend time reviewing the basics. Instead, we would like to offer some tips, strategies and advice to help you to find a low-cost option in this specialized SSL certificate.

First, it is important to know if you are getting a cheap UC SSL certificate that is actually designed as a Unified Communications Server. The true UCC is specifically developed for use with Microsoft Exchange and Office Communications servers, although it will work very well with other servers as well.

It is designed for Microsoft Exchange and Office Communications servers to utilize all the built-in and time and administration saving features these servers offer. Failing to use the UCC products and using a Multi-Domain/SAN certificate will work, but it will limit the use of the features.

Shop Around

While this may sound basic, shopping around with the various Certificate Authorities is often a very good starting point for finding a cheap UC SSL certificate. You may first want to visit the Microsoft website for a current list of the approved providers.

As one of just three initial companies approved as vendors by Microsoft, Comodo has been in on the development of the UC certificate since the beginning. While the list has grown, we are still involved and will continue to be in providing this important SSL/TLS product.

While you can certainly choose the CA you like, we strongly recommend staying with the names on the list of approved Microsoft vendors. This will ensure that you have the technical support and product support you need if you do experience any issues after installation of the product.

You may find that a lot of the certificates do not support all the features, such autodiscover on Microsoft exchange, which can create lots of time spent in complaints and issues with the tech department.

Longer Terms Equal Bigger Savings

If you are looking for a cheap UC SSL certificate consider looking at the rate per year over the full three year option rather than on a one or two year basis. Not all CAs may offer the three year, but this is often significantly less per year than a single year term.

Just taking the time to review the prices over the different terms between CAs can be interesting. This is also a great time to look at the features offered and what value-added types of services the CA provides.

One reason that many may choose a single year option is because they may need to move or change domains. For these types of situations, Comodo offers a no-fee option to re-issue the certificate throughout its life. This doesn't just mean once for free; it means as many times as you need.

Other Factors

Another free feature that should be offered with any cheap UC SSL certificate is licensing for use on unlimited physical servers. Some companies may offer very low prices with their basic SSL/TLS products, but then double or triple the price based on the number of servers it will be installed on. A Comodo we offer the free re-issuance as well as free use across unlimited physical servers.

We also provide full customer support and service that is very highly rated. It is worth the effort to browse around the web and read independent review sites about the quality of support and tech services that other IT professionals experienced from the various CAs.

Take the time to also look around on the CAs website. You should find a lot of helpful articles in guides, resources and in tutorials or technical post. We offer our knowledgebase with is a searchable resource for anyone to use. Information on Certificate Signing Request generation, cheap UC SSL certificate installation and even troubleshooting problems is all right at your fingertips.

To discuss pricing, or to consider combining the UCC with a Wildcard if needed, talk to our experienced sales staff. They will listen to what you need and then provide suggestions and ideas to help you make the lowest cost choice that is right for your needs.

To find out more, give us a call today at +1 888 266 6361. You can also contact us at or spend time browsing the site.

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