Tips For PKI Certificate Management Best Practices

For a small website with one domain and perhaps one subdomain and a few email addresses keeping track of SSL/TLS products isn't really all that challenging. This is particularly true if you purchase the PKI products at the same time and for the same duration.

However, for websites, particularly ecommerce sites or for large corporate entities doing a lot of business over the net, using PKI Manager is a great option. At Comodo, we offer our EPKI or Enterprise Public Key Infrastructure Manager for managing all of your SSL/TLS certificates for domains, email and personal authentication all in one place.

This can assist any business to incorporate PKI certificate management best practices with very little effort or stress. Once you start to use the EPKI Manager as a tool on a regular basis, it becomes more effective at providing the highest levels of security and trust across and within your network.

Ordering from One Provider

As the world's largest Trust Provider Comodo offers all of the SSL/TLS products needed for a business of any size. Additionally, with this level of trust we have worked with companies with the same security and trust concerns and priorities that your business has.

By using the Manager to complete all of our orders from our selection of certificates you are using one of the most important of the PKI certificate management best practices. With our products installed, you know you can count on quality customer service that lasts throughout the life of the certificate. We are also here to talk to you about any new products we may offer or to help you to streamline the use of the certificates by choosing the best product for the job.

Using Wildcards or Multi-Domain certs will also be helpful as one of the top PKI certificate management best practices. Not only will this save time in ordering the certificates but it also means fewer certificates to try to juggle and monitor, eliminating the issue of expired certificates that result in security warnings and possible trust issues with websites.

Saving Money

When you can combine saving money with high quality SSL/TLS products and PKI certificate management best practices then you really do have a winning combination.

Once you sign up for the web based EPKI Manager, you will also have the added advantage of saving money on future orders of SSL products. This is done by ordering through the web based console, allowing very fast issuance of certificates to provide the security needed in just minutes rather than the longer process of going through the Certificate Signing Request and the online application through the site.

These certificates can be used for load balancing requirements or for onboarding new staff with secure emails and digital authentication signatures. It can also be used to provide clients with the email or personal authentication certificates required to exchange contracts or other documents and stay in full compliance with all standards.

Our EPKI Manager can be operated as a Pay-As-You-Go account, or with a small deposit that is used to lock in rates. The deposit can be used towards future purchases through the Manager.

It is important to realize that the savings offered are not just on one or two products. The savings include all of our production including the basic Comodo SSL through to the Wildcard, UC certificate and the extended validation certificate. It is also available for the personal authentication which covers email security. These, with the exception of the EV SSL, are available in one, two or three year options with the three year the lowest cost per year. The EV SSL is available for a maximum of two years, with the best price with the two year option.

Complete Management

With the ease of use of the Manager, it quickly becomes on one of the most important PKI certificate management best practices around. It can be used to give additional users specific privileges for accessing different parts of the system. This can include issuance and reporting permissions to build in security without limiting access to necessary information and systems by the various individuals within the organization.

To learn more about how Comodo works with you to assist with your PKI certificate management best practices, see us online at There is considerable information about our products and services in our resource section, but don't hesitate to give us a call at +1 888 266 6361 if you have any questions we can answer before you decide.

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