Tips For Small Business For Effective Internet Network Security

While not every small business has a website, it is becoming increasingly important to have an online presence to bring in new customers and to expand your target market.

More and more small businesses are also discovering the value of an ecommerce element to their retail store. Even companies not directly selling information may still allow customers to schedule appointments or even to pay bills directly online.

For any type of online site for a company, having internet network security in place will be important. Not only will it provide a safe option for your customers to provide personal and financial information, but it will also prevent hackers from gaining access to your files and data stored on computers in your office or where ever you may work from.

Website Encryption

To provide protection for the customer the use of digital or SSL certificates is important. This is the standard for virtually all business or ecommerce websites that encrypts information the customer enters into the website including personal or financial information.

The encryption is done with a public key that matches only one private key; the private key installed on the server the website points to. This private key is paired with a certificate from a Certificate Authority that verifies the owner of the site is legitimate and the company is a true entity.

This system is well known to online consumers, although they may not know the details of SSL or Secure Sockets Layer. Consumers know to look for the padlock in the address bar and the site seal on the webpage.

Comodo TrustLogo site seals and our name on the certificate and in the address bar for our EV certificate sites is always recognized. In addition, our root certificate is trusted by 99.9% of all browsers and devices, so customers will not see the security warning message that will create distrust and hesitancy to make an online purchase from a site. Having these in place will show customers that you are serious about internet network security and that they are safe in providing information online.

Not Having a Firewall

Your business network connects to the internet through ports. Some ports are used to direct the secure traffic from HTTPS sites (those protected with SSL/TLS products), but they are also used for other traffic that may be going through websites that are not protected.

These ports can be open and not used, allowing the possibility for a hacker scanning a system for open ports to gain access to your computer. Installing a firewall allows it to act as a gatekeeper, only allowing ports required to be open and closing ports that are open and not being used.

While there are some firewalls offered through routers or modems, these are not always configured for your business. It is also important to use a password for the firewall and all devices or equipment that connect to the system. We have options to assist you in finding the internet network security options that are right for your small business.

Vulnerability Checks

If you are accepting credit card payments, you will be required to meet all PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards. This includes the encryption, which you will have with the Comodo SSL/TLS products, but also to scan your system for vulnerabilities on a quarterly basis.

Purchasing one of the many Comodo SSL/TLS the provide internet network security for small businesses will give you one free year of PCI vulnerability scanning. This will keep your site fully compliant and also ensure you are providing a safe environment for your customers to do business.

Not all companies offer these vulnerability checks. They are important as if you are not in compliance not only will you not be able to take credit and debit card payments but you are putting your business at risk should there be a breach and customers are impacted because of a lack of internet network security.

The most important thing to do as a small business owner is to be proactive about security for your website. This is often not a costly issue and certificates to fully encrypt and protect your site are just a few pennies a day, creating trust, assurance and value for your customers.

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