Tips To Buy A Wildcard SSL Certificate For A UK Website

No matter where you are, getting the best quality of product for a good price is always the best way to do business and become successful. When you need to buy a Wildcard SSL certificate for a UK website, knowing how to shop between different Certificate Authorities is going to be important.

If you know the definition of SSL, then you understand it is a specific protocol that uses encryption and decryption to transmit data safely. This is typically between the website on the browser and the server, although there are other possibilities, particularly for Microsoft Exchange and Office Communication servers. We aren't going to focus on those here. Instead, we are going to focus on securing subdomain and the main domain with one certificate.

All Certificate Authorities are not the same. The biggest difference of relevance to a website owner or an IT manager or administrator is the level of trust in the Certificate Authority by the browser and device manufacturers and developers.

At Comodo, we are now the largest Trust Provider in the world. This means that our security products are used on websites across the globe. Our root certificates are embedded with 99.9% of browsers and devices. This also means when your customer opens your site that is secured when you buy a Wildcard SSL certificate for a UK website they will see the https, the padlock and the Comodo TrustLogo site seal, verifying they are shopping on an authentic, verified and trusted website.

This is perhaps the most important aspect of any SSL/TLS product, the embedding of the root certificate. Not all Certificate Authorities are considered trusted sources by the majority of browsers and devices. When you select a product from these Certificate Authorities, you customers or clients will see the security warning notice, which will drive away new and existing customer and give a website a very poor overall reputation.


Price comparison is a factor to keep in mind when preparing to buy a Wildcard SSL certificate for a UK website. Keep in mind that Comodo offers a lower rate per year when you extend a one year certificate to a two or three year option. The savings can be substantial, plus you don't have to keep renewing and reinstalling the certificate on an annual basis.

One word of warning if you are tempted to try a free certificate or a self-signed certificate. These typically result in a security warning that states the certificate is not from a trusted source. While it doesn't say the site is not secure, it is enough of a warning to cause most online consumers to abandon the site and go on to the next result off the search engine page.

Your Risk

Take a close look at the fine print, or in our case the bold type, that talks about the Certificate Authority's policy on refunds. At Comodo, we offer a full 30 day, risk-free refund. If you are not completely satisfied with our products, just let us know before the 30 days are up and we will immediately refund your money.

This is very similar to a free trial as there is absolutely no risk for our customers. Just remember that we also have a top customer service and tech support team available to help you to address and correct any problems you may have. This level of support is in place throughout the life of the certificate and it doesn't end once we send you the installation files.

We also strive to respond to all tickets in an hour. In some situations it may be slightly longer, but our goal is to have all tickets addressed by the end of the business day


The reputation of a Certificate Authority is a very big factor to consider when you buy a Wildcard SSL certificate for a UK website. Our reputation is stellar as a CA and we have several global companies that use our services. Browsing our site and our resources section will provide you with a greater understanding of the scope of the clients we serve and the security products we offer.

We also recommend you take the time to read reviews on various forums to learn about the experiences of others that have made the decision to buy a Wildcard SSL certificate for a UK website. This type of feedback can be instrumental in making the right decision.

For answers to any questions you many have, visit us online at or give us a call at +1 888 266 6361.

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