Tips To Buy A Wildcard SSL Certificate Online

Typically, an IP professional will have a CA or Certificate Authority they prefer to work with. Comodo has become the most selected Trust Authority in the world, which means that the majority of IT managers and website administrators are working with our products.

However, we realize that not everyone working on a website is an IT professional. To help people to understand the importance of SSL (secure sockets layer) and the use of the Wildcard product, let's take a closer look at both from a basic level and build up to how to buy a Wildcard SSL certificate online.

Definition Basics

SSL or TLS (Transport Layer Security) are forms of encryption and decryption protocol that connects a client to a server to transfer data securely. This is done through keys, once which is public and one which is private.

The public key is part of the SSL certificate that is installed on the server that the client (the browser or device) is connecting to transmit information. This key must match at both the client and the server and the certificate of the server must be considered a trusted source by the client.

Comodo has our root certificates embedded in 99.9% of all browsers and devices in use today. This means that our certificates are recognized as trusted and do not cause those annoying and problematic security warning messages you will see on many websites that are using certificates from non-recognized Certificate Authorities (CAs).

The server also has the private key installed. This is not shared with anyone or any other device. However, if you have a Wildcard or standard SSL certificate from Comodo, you can install the cert and the private key on any other servers in your network without any additional costs.

This private key performs the decryption function. As it is housed in a secure file accessible only to your server or servers, it creates a completely safe way to transmit data.

The Wildcard SSL/TLS certificate uses the same SSL/TLS security as any other domain v product. However, it is able to secure more than one distinct website. This is because of the use of the wildcard (*) symbol used when generating the Certificate Signing Request.

With a traditional single domain SSL/TLS product, the Fully Qualified Domain Name ( for example) is used on the certificate and recognized as a trusted website. With the use of the (*) it is possible to secure not only that main domain name but all other subdomains. This could include,, or anything else you choose.

The use of the Wildcard allows easy access to specific information and also assists with SEO, user-friendly websites and easy management of a site through the use of one certificate for the main and subdomains.

Shopping Online

To buy a Wildcard SSL certificate online we recommend that you shop around and take your time. We also recommend that you choose only the top Certificate Authorities such as Comodo particularly when comparing features, benefits and price.

This is important because of the embedded root certificate issue. If the browser or device doesn't recognize the SSL certificate as a trusted source then you will have problems with some users seeing the unsecured site warning.

Price is often a factor of features and options when you buy a Wildcard SSL certificate online. As larger sites with a main domain and subdomains often use multiple servers, but sure to verify that you have unlimited physical server installation with the cert without having to buy additional licenses. Having to buy additional licenses can easily triple the cost.

Additionally, check when you buy a Wildcard SSL certificate online to verify the number of subdomains you can cover with the product. There are some companies out there offering these options that only provide 25 subdomains at the base price. You can add more, but it will also cost you more.

An often overlooked issue when someone new to IT management makes the decision to buy a Wildcard SSL certificate online is the customer service and support offered. Check to make sure the company places customers service and support as a priority. We do at Comodo and in fact, we strive to answer tickets within an hour.

If you need help or want to talk before you buy a Wildcard SSL certificate online, call our Comodo team. We are available online through our live chat system at, or if you want to talk to us give us a call at +1 888 266 6361.

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