Top Advantages With Apache Servers

At Comodo, we design SSL/TLS products to work with all servers. We don't recommend a specific server platform over another, but we do hear from lots of our customers who are very passionate about the best server to work with.

When it comes to SSL certificates, generating the Certificate Signing Request and the subsequent installation is simple on any type of Linux or Windows systems that will work with the Apache web server. However, as with all virtually all products and options today, there are some advantages or options found with the Apache servers that make it a good choice for many applications and for many IT professionals.

To help, here is a quick rundown of the advantages to using Apache servers. Keep in mind these facts are not about the options in SSL products you can use and all of our SSL/TLS certs will work with all web servers.

Standalone System

Apache is similar to other types of open source options in that it can be customized through the use of modules. These modules will mesh or work with the main Apache system, allowing you to develop the system over time or to create it all at once.

This allows you to also use a variety of features from other similar platforms. For example, it is possible to add a module that is mod_jk that will provide the option to work with Tomcat. This will increase the functions that the server can complete on its own, making it a more effective and efficient option.

It is also a much lower cost option that many servers as the open source software is readily available. There are no ongoing licensing fees or other types of fees associated with other server options.

Multiple Virtual Hosts

The use of the Apache servers gives you the option to create what are known as virtual hosts on the server. This will provide for different host all using the same IP address but also seen as different. In other words, it allows you to run multiple websites from the same server.

To help you to secure these multiple sites, we offer a Multi-Domain certificate that is available at up to the EV (extended validation level). With just one certificate for up to a 100 domains and subdomains, you have ease of use, low maintenance requirements and very simple certificate lifecycle management.

The virtual hosts are designed to be able to direct traffic or route request through the system to the right ports. You are able to set up these virtual hosts to complete the routing as you wish it to occur through the server. This means that different servers can send requests to the main server without users knowing they are really communicating through one server with the hosts with the same IP addresses.

High Level of Compatibility

With the web servers, the Apache servers are very compatible with other operating systems. It can be found in use with Windows, MacOS, Linux and Unix as well as most other popular options.

It is possible to modify or add to the Apache web server in any way you choose that is possible given the operating system. This allows a significant amount of freedom for experienced IT professionals while also allowing the basics to be easy to master for those new to the technology.

Keep in mind that the Apache servers in the form of the Apache HTTP have been around since 1995. These web servers are reported to be the most commonly used web server around the world in use with about 55% of websites. That number continues to grow every year and with active upgrades and continually new versions by the community that uses the server it offers cutting edge technology.

This also makes the use of Apache servers the largest market for our Comodo SSL/TLS certificates. With extensive experience and assistance from our tech support team, you will have no difficulty in generating the Certificate Signing Request and then completing the install of the certificate. This information is readily available to anyone using our knowledgebase. It is a great idea to read through the information before starting the Certificate Signing Request.

If you find you have questions about our SSL/TLS products and using them with an Apache web server, simply give us a call at +1 888 266 6361. We can also answer any questions you make have through the live chat system on the website. More information on the different certificate options can also be found at

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