Which Cloud Storage Option is Right for You?

When it comes to backing up your data, the cloud offers some of the most affordable and feasible options. In fact, most people agree that the best kind of disaster recovery and risk management plan should include some kind of cloud security encryption storage solution. But what is the best plan and who can you turn to for this kind of service? Let's explore some of the many options you have and discover why Comodo may be the best choice.

What are Your Needs?

Are you an individual looking for private computing solutions? Maybe you run a business and want to enjoy the benefits of online access with SSL security but you wish to use your own server computers. Perhaps you are interested in keeping all your storage away from the premises. You might want a combination of both internal and external cloud storage. Let's explore these options a little closer.

The Importance of Cloud Security Encryption

No matter what plan or company you choose, security is of the utmost importance. Make sure the business you choose uses the latest in encryption technology to protect all data. They should use secure sockets layer for data transfers and AES technology for stored data.

Individual Cloud Storage

This option is for people wanting to back up all of their personal computer data. For example, you may have a great list of MP3 songs and you do not want to risk losing them, should your hard drive crash or if someone breaks in and steals your computer. You may also want a method of backing up all your financial data like online bill paying receipts, checking account info or digital copies of important records. You should choose a personal cloud package for these reasons:

  • Access your data from any online source on the planet
  • Cloud security encryption - data is made secure with strong encryption methods.
  • Sync data from several different devices - you can retrieve data from your personal computer and transfer it your tablet or mobile device.
  • Share data with others easily and quickly
  • Off premises backup
Public or External Cloud

This is a public virtual environment. You are accessing server computers from an online source in which anyone with the proper authorization can access. This is the most cost effective solution to storage with cloud security encryption because you are not using your own equipment.

Public cloud storage is the most secure way to backup data because it is not stored on your premises with other data. For example, should a flash flood suddenly destroy your business, you could lose everything including your backup data. This does not happen with public cloud storage.

Internal Cloud

A private or internal cloud backup system is all about the benefits of cloud security encryption and storage but you are using your own equipment. In some cases, a private virtual system is best for some kinds of software programs and infrastructures. You also might have many programs which are used only internally and accessing them from a cloud format just doesn't make sense.

Hybrid Cloud

In many cases, you may want to explore the benefits of both public and private cloud storage. You can still enjoy important features like with cloud security encryption to keep data safe and secure. However, you may have some data which is so sensitive you don't want to take any chances and you wish to keep it on premises or under your own supervision. A hybrid solution may be the best option.

CCloud from Comodo

Whether you want personal or public cloud storage for business, CCloud has a lot of good things to offer. Here is what you get with personal CCloud:

  • Free for 90 days
  • Unlimited file size
  • cloud security encryption
  • Notifications for incoming and outgoing
  • Can be mounted as a removable drive
  • Plans from 100 GB to 500 GB
CCloud for Business

When you use Comodo Cloud for your business you have many of the same great features of personal cloud but much more. For instance:

  • Unlimited business users
  • Group file sharing
  • Can grant or deny access to users
  • Shared data does not count against storage total
  • Affordable plans from 50 GB to 1000 GB

When you need all the benefits of the cloud for your data you can depend on Comodo. We can help you with your backup needs whether it is for personal or business purposes. We also provide some of the most affordable SSL certificate options like standard, enterprise, extended validation and wildcard certificates. Visit us on the World Wide Web today at https://www.instantssl.com/ for more details.

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