Why Install A PKI Certificate On Windows Servers?

For many people of a specific age and generation life without online shopping, confidential transmission of data and general confidence in the ability to have security online is really a very foreign concept. However, for those that were around when the first home PCs were rolled out and the internet was the "big new technology" the issues with security are a very real factor to consider.

In fact, it wasn't until after 1994 and the development of SSL or Secure Sockets Layer by Netscape that there was any consistent way to secure data transmitted from websites to servers. Even the first few versions of the original SSL, which used PKI or Public Key Infrastructure, was not nearly as secure as the TLS (Transport Layer Security) we are all familiar with today.

Now, people are confident and comfortable in looking for the iconic secure site padlock in the address bar or, more recently, for the green address bar that designates the highest level of trust and assurance. This technology allowed consumer confidence to grow and the development of the booming ecommerce business that exists today.

All of this is possible because of the Public Key Infrastructure and the ability for Certificate Authorities (CAs) to validate information and issue digital certificates. It is from this background that it is possible to explore in more depth the reasons to install a PKI certificate on Windows servers even if your business is not collecting highly sensitive personal or financial data.


Consumers know to look for specific features on a website. This includes the use of HTTPS instead of HTTP. Additionally, they look for the padlock in the address bar and often a logo or site seal from the CA.

With your PKI certificate on Windows, you will be able to have our Comodo TrustLogo site seal on your website pages. As the world's leading trust provider this will stand out to your customers and clients and provide them the assurance and confidence they are dealing with an authentic, safe and secure website.

PCI Processing Requirement

To be able to accept credit and debit cards through a website you must have specific security standards or requirements in place. This standards or requirements will be met by the Comodo PKI certificate on Windows and will ensure you are in full compliance.

PCI standards are set by the Payment Card Industry. These standards also include PCI scanning and website vulnerability scanning. Comodo offers free S3 SSL certificate management tool and 90 days free trials of Comodo cWatch Pro website security platform, HackerGuardian Enterprise PCI scanning and HackerProof website vulnerability scanning with SSL certificate purchases.


This perhaps the most overlooked reason to have a PKI certificate on Windows servers even if you are not collecting financial or sensitive information. Authentication is the role of the Certificate Authority in verifying or validating that the entity owning the domain (and the certificate) is legitimate.

In other words, it is extremely difficult for someone to fraudulently set up a website, apply for and be granted an SSL/TLS certificate. It can and does sometimes happen, although this is very rare and increasingly uncommon.

If this type of situation does occur, the CA has the ability to revoke a certificate that has been granted. What this does is prevent the encrypting and decrypting keys from functioning, which in turn provides a security warning for visitors to the site or if the certificate is used in any other chain of certificates.

The benefits of installing a PKI certificate on Windows forms the basis of online transactions. Now with Personal Authentication Certificates it is possible to provide the same level of security offered to domains to personal emails. This allows for both encryption of the email message as well as a digital signature to verify the email was not altered or tampered with after it was signed by the sender.

If you don't currently have a PKI certificate on Windows Comodo is a great place to find the right product for your budget and your needs. We offer a 30-day free trial Comodo SSL cert, just get in touch with our sales staff and we can help you to complete the Certificate Signing Request and the installation.

Additionally, we also provide free Personal Authentication Certificates for personal email accounts. This is a great product to have and allows you to fully secure your email when you choose.

To learn more about our products call us today at +1 888 266 6361. Read more on our website at https://www.instantssl.com or text us through the Live Chat help if you have a question.

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