Will A Wildcard SSL Certificate Cover Multiple Domains?

It may seem that the question of a Wildcard SSL covering multiple domains would have a very straightforward yes or no answer. For an IT professional or for someone new to website security there are some important factors to keep in mind when determining if a Wildcard SSL certificate covers multiple domains.

If you are talking about multiple different domains, as in completely different websites with different FQDN (fully qualified domain names), then the Wildcard SSL certificate is not the right choice. To be considered a different fully qualified domain name you would would want coverage for:

  • www.mycompany.com
  • www.yourcompany.com
  • www.hercompany.com
  • www.hiscompany.com

These are all different FQDNs. They have a top-level domain (the .com) a second-level domain (mycompany, yourcompany, etc) and also the subdomain of (www).

There is a product offered by Comodo that can be used to provide security for multiple domains. This is, not surprisingly, called our Multi Domain SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. Typically, these types of certificates, which are also known as SAN SSL (Subject Alternative Name) are more expensive than Wildcards.

In this case, the application for the SSL certificate would include all of the domains the certificate is to cover. Most of the Certificate Authorities cap this at a specific number, with some as low as 25. At Comodo one of our Multi-Domain charts can be used to cover up to 100 different FQDNs. These types of certificates are typically used for Exchanges or for Unified messaging.

The Wildcard Option

With the use of a main domain and Wildcard SSL certificate covers multiple domains, although most people will clearly state they are looking for coverage for a main domain and subdomains.

Subdomains use the same top-level domain name and the second-level domain name as the FQDN, but they have a different designation for the subdomain. In other words, instead of the www in www.mycompany.com you may have several subdomains including:

  • mail.mycompany.com
  • photos.mycompany.com
  • docs.mycompany.com
  • payments.mycompany.com

It is possible to create any number of subdomains and have them covered with the Wildcard SSL certificate. Multiple domains and subdomains may need to be covered with a different combination of certificates. Our sales team can be very helpful in finding the most effective and the most cost efficient option or your ecommerce business and website.

SSL/TLS Certificate Level

When considering the best option for a Wildcard SSL certificate covers multiple domains or subdomains, keep in mind that the Wildcard cert is available at both the domain and organizational validation levels.

This means that as the Certificate Authority we verify the owner of the website (for the domain level) and the ownership of the website as well as the presence of the organization (business or person) at the organizational level.

The Multi-Domain or SAN cert is also available in domain and organization levels of validation. In addition, it is available in the EV level or extended validation. This additional degree of validation provides more information on the organization (business) to provide the greatest level of consumer confidence when completing online transactions.

This EV SSL will display the iconic green address bar as well as additional information about the company and the Certificate Authority right in the address bar. The SSL certificate will include information about the business what is typically not included on even the organizational SSL certificate level of validation.

Getting Help

For more complex types of configurations using multiple servers, domains and subdomains, we recommend talking to our staff at Comodo before making choice. You may find the that the Wildcard SSL is the right option for your needs, or you may want to consider a Multi Domain cert.

Keep in mind with our Wildcard SSL/TLS certificate you have the freedom to use it on unlimited physical servers. This may be important for a larger ecommerce or online site using multiple servers or running a back-up server for redundancy in the event of a primary server failure or crash.

To learn more about our Wildcard and Multi Domain SSL certificates, talk to our staff at +1 888 266 6361. Feel free to contact us through our live chat help at https://www.instantssl.com if that is more convenient. Our staff can answer your questions and make sure you get the security coverage your customers are looking for.

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