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How to Install Certificates on Cerberus FTP Server

Cerberus FTP Server: Install Your SSL Certificate

After receiving your SSL Certificate, you need to install the SSL and Intermediate Certificates on your Cerberus FTP Server.

Cerberus FTP Server: How to Install Your SSL Certificate

  1. On the Cerberus FTP Server where you created the CSR, open the ZIP file containing your SSL and Intermediate Certificates and save the contents of the file (i.e. yourdomain_com.crt an XYZ.crt).
  2. Log into your Cerberus FTP Server console.
  3. In the Cerberus FTP Server console, on the Summary tab, in top-menu, click Configure.Cerberus Install SSL Certificate
  4. In the Server Manager window, in the sidebar menu, click Security (gold lock).Cerberus Install SSL Certificate
  5. On the Security page, under Security, check Enable SSL/TLS.
  6. Next under Server Key Pair, do the following:
    Certificate:Click the folder to browse for and select your SSL Certificate (i.e. your_domain_com.crt).
    Private Key:Click the folder to browse for and select your private key (i.e.
    CA File:Click the folder to browse for and select the XYZ.crt intermediate certificate.
  7. Verifying Your Certificate is Configured Correctly

    In the Server Manager window, on the Security page, click Verify to verify that you correctly configure the SSL Certificate.

    Cerberus Verify SSL Certificate Configured Correctly
  8. Then, click Save.

    You have successfully installed and configured your Cerberus FTP Server SSL Certificate.

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