Prove your identity, and digitally sign and encrypt email communications. Our 30-day free trial S/MIME compliant digital signature solution allows email senders and recipients to verify that the content being shared has not been comprised. Your business can ensure that every email is protected with private communications, authenticated communications, and message integrity.

  • Trusted by all popular email clients
  • Works with all popular email services
  • Binds your email address to a key that encrypts your email
  • Did we mention it’s free?

Why Do I Need a Secure Email Certificate?

  • Authentication
    Email passes through many different computer systems without your knowledge — you likely don’t even know who owns it and where they are. A secure email certificate lets you add a digital ID to your email to prove the message and attachments originally came from you.
  • Privacy
    Any non-encrypted email can be easily intercepted, allowing anonymous trespassers to take control your inbox remotely. InstantSSL's email certificates provides end-to-end encryption between you and your contact, safeguarding your messages from prying eyes.
  • Integrity
    Unsecured email can easily be intercepted and modified without your consent. Adding a digital signature to an email with a digital certificate means that it’s impossible for anyone to alter the contents of your mail without your recipient being alerted.

Why Use InstantSSL for Your Email Certificate?

  • Complimentary
    Sectigo believes it should be easy for users to secure their messages. That’s why we provide email certificates and SSL certificates free to personal users.
  • Fast and Easy to Obtain
    You can get a secure certificate from Sectigo in minutes with our online form. Just fill out your name and email address, and create a password. We'll then deliver your certificate.
  • Compatible with Your Favorite Mail Programs and Devices
    As one of the world’s most established SSL providers, Sectigo's digital certificates are fully trusted by all popular email clients and devices.