HackerGuardian Vulnerability Scanning and Assessment Service (VSA Service) is a fully customizable, on-demand, corporate network security auditing service. Administrators can run audits simultaneously on multiple IP addresses, including entire networks. The VSA Service also features full scheduling capabilities and comprehensive vulnerability reporting and remediation service.

HackerGuardian Vulnerability Scanning

Why do I need Vulnerability Scanning?

  • Detects the threats your firewall doesn't see - Firewalls have to leave certain ports open for the operation of web, mail, ftp and other Internet based services - leaving you vulnerable to exploitation on these very ports. HackerGuardian Vulnerability Scanning identifies and delivers fix recommendations on all avenues of insecurity.
  • Immediate Security, Immediate ROI - Ensuring networks and computer systems are kept secure is an essential element of any IT infrastructure. It's also an undeniable drain on IT resources. HackerGuardian VSA Service is web-based, involves no set-up and is easy to run and maintain meaning valuable members of your IT staff are not distracted from other activities.
  • In depth reporting - After every audit you'll receive a comprehensive vulnerability report detailing any security issues identified by the scan. In addition to these alerts you will find remediation advice cross-referenced to thousands of online advisories that help make sure you fix the problem.

Why HackerGuardian for your Vulnerability Scanning?

  • Comprehensive, on-demand auditing - The VSA service enables administrators to run remote security audits containing over 11,000 individual tests on your organization's servers. Tests are fully configurable with user defined plug-in selection and include full scheduling, unlimited recurring scans and concurrent scanning of multiple IP's.
  • Automatically updated - As new threats and vulnerabilities emerge, new HackerGuardian plug-ins are developed to detect them. HackerGuardian is continuously updated with these latest additions via a direct feed, providing up to the second security against the latest vulnerabilities.
  • Backed by Comodo - Providing authentication and assurance to 150,000 websites worldwide.