Add trust and security to emails and documents.

Authenticate yourself to online services

Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates (CPACs) allow you to add security to your emails and documents and help you authenticate yourself to online services.

  • Encrypt and digitally sign email communications
  • Two-factor authentication of users and employees
  • Digitally sign Microsoft® Office and OpenOffice documents
  • Fully trusted by all major email clients and internet browsers
  • Very easy to roll out to employees or customers
  • Bulk purchases available via EPKI manager and reseller channels

Privacy and security for corporate

Unsecured mail is like sending a postcard written in pencil. It can be intercepted, read and modified by anybody along the route to its destination. Encrypting and digitally signing your mail not only adds the highest levels of security but also helps businesses avoid accidental data exposure, breaches of privacy and non-compliance with data protection regulations.

  • Digitally signing email authenticates you as the sender and means it is impossible for anyone to alter the contents without alerting your recipient.
  • Encryption with up to 256 bit security guarantees privacy by ensuring only intended recipients can open your mail.

Personal Authentication Certificate

Personal Authentication SSL Certificates provide true 'end-to-end' encryption between you and your contacts. Once it leaves your network, encrypted mail can never be intercepted and decrypted by man-in-the-middle attackers, packet-sniffers or https proxies.

Supported clients include Microsft Outlook 2013/2010/2007/2003, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, MAC OS X Mail, Apple Mail, Eudora, iOS, Android and more.

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Secure access to company portals for remote users

If your business supports remote access to servers that contain vital corporate or customer data, the stakes are just too high to depend on passwords as gatekeepers.

Businesses need stronger guarantees that the person accessing an online account or network resource is the genuine user - and not an attacker that has managed to steal a username and password.

CPACs allow businesses to mitigate this threat by setting up bank-standard two-factor authentication of employees and customers.

Faster and more cost-effective than physical tokens, each certificate uses highly secure PKI mechanisms to prove a user's identity to a remote computer or server.

After setup is complete, your servers will require each user to present their certificate, in addition to their username and password, before they are allowed access to their accounts.

Two Factor Authentication

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Trusted and secure document workflows

Comodo Personal Authentication certificates let you easily sign company documents to identify yourself as the document signer and prove the document has not been tampered with since you signed it.

  • Proves document integrity and identifies you as the document signer
  • Helps businesses migrate from ink and paper based workflows on items like contracts, document sign-off, archiving and internal request forms
  • Can be used in tandem with or to replace the visible signature feature in Microsoft® Office products
  • Ensures compliance with industry directives and policy frameworks which require digitally signed documents
  • Supports major business software including Microsoft Office suite, Open Office Suite, VBA Macros and more

Condidered equal or superior to traditional wet signatures by many federal and governmental bodies, CPACs are a cost-effective means for any business to establish an efficient and secure paperless workflow.

Microsoft Office Suite

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Enterprises & large volume requirements

Comodo's EPKI Manager is a centralized, web-based console specifically designed to allow enterprises to instantly order and manage large volumes of certificates at greatly discounted rates.

EPKI accounts are easy to set up and feature complete certificate lifecycle management, configurable permissions for multiple users and powerful reporting capabilities

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