Desktop Security solutions for Educational Institutions

Today's Educational Institutions require specialized desktop security to provide trust, assurance & compliancy and security. These solutions must address these key concerns of the K-12 segment and Higher Education Institutions. Comodo's SSL Certificate, authentication, vulnerability scanning and desktop security solutions are delivered within a platform that is student accessible and reliable.

  • Buy SSL Certificates to establish website trust, assurance & compliancy and security
  • Buy Comodo Two Factor Authentication for secured log-in
  • Buy Comodo HackerGuardian for vulnerability scanning
  • Free Comodo Firewall Pro (award winning protection for your student's PC)

Why is Comodo your best choice?

  • Comodo provides solutions for over 700,000 customers worldwide including:
    • 7 of the top 10 Fortune 1000
    • 5 of the top 7 leading U.S. universities
    • Over 100 educational institutions switched to Comodo in 2006
    • Top 2 U.S. automotive manufacturers
    • Leading multi-national companies such as NASA, Xerox, SONY Europe, GE, Kaiser Permanente, BASF, Deutsche Bank AG and U-Haul
  • Comodo's advanced Digital Certificate infrastructure provides you with easy to buy and install SSL Certificates with prices to match any budget
  • Comodo is a WebTrust compliant Certification Authority (CA) and a member of the Microsoft Root Certificate program.
  • Comodo is more trusted to provide security by your customers than any other leading CA because only Comodo delivers award winning SSL security for free to more than 300,000 new users a month.