Real-time Identity Assurance for your web site customers

Only available through Comodo!!

  • Trusted third party validation of a web site identity
  • Point to verify technology - no click is required by your visitors, they just point on the logo for an up to the second real-time site identity assurance request
  • Extended site credentials available to customers who require a more detailed report of who you are
  • Eye catching design literally 'invites' visitors to verify your identity
  • Boost Customer Conversion rates - by effortlessly creating trust between your site and your visitors
  • Unique, Domain wide 'Floating' logo - doesn't interfere with your site design!!
  • Scrollbar independent - the page moves, TrustLogo stays!!
  • Unlimited verifications for your site
  • Unique feedback facility - see how many customers need to validate your identity every day
  • Comodo Trustlogo Secure Seal

Gone are the days when you had to re-arrange your web page to accommodate a third party logo. TrustLogo's floating design means it exists outside of your page design and can easily be implemented across your entire domain. Just add a little java script to each page and you're away!!

Corner of Trust Seal

TrustLogo remains in place when a visitor scrolls your web page.
No flickering, No movement, No distraction. See for yourself by scrolling this page!!

TrustLogo™ removes a major barrier to successful e-commerce: the lack of the ability to verify the trust between a web site and its visitors.

Powered by the Internet's only real-time Identity Assurance infrastructure (Comodo operated ID Authority), TrustLogo delivers trust, confidence and peace of mind to your customers

Try it out now!!

Just hover your mouse over the TrustLogo at the bottom of this page.

You'll see our example credentials served up in real-time directly from IdAuthority (Trusted Third Party) for up to the second validity!

  • Display a Secure & Authentic TrustLogo on your web site FREE with any SSL certificate purchase order a SSL Certificate now
  • Display Authentic TrustLogo on your web site if purchased without SSL Certificate Order a standalone Authentic TrustLogo

Prior to being issued with a seal, your details are validated by Comodo, the trusted third party. TrustLogo delivers trust, confidence and peace of mind to your customers and brings you a unique feedback facility so that you can see how many of your customers need to verify your identity every day.

The 'Corner of Trust' will standardize the way people view your trust credentials.

The end result? You'll convert more web site visitors into paying customers.

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