Netscape E-Mail Certificate Installation

Firstly you will need to collect the email certificate from our system using Internet Explorer.

Then export it to a file using the following method:

  • Select Tools, Internet Options, Content, Certificates
  • Select the required certificate and click Export
  • Go through the wizard and remember to select 'Yes, export Private Key'
  • Remember to tick 'Include all certificates in the certificate path'.
  • When the wizard finishes you will have a pfx file
  • Copy this file to the machine running Netscape
  • Start Netscape and select Edit, Preferences
  • Open Privacy and Security
  • Locate Certificates
  • Select Manage Certificates
  • Select Import
  • The default is PKCS12 Files, which the pfx file is
  • select the file exported earlier
  • Enter a Master Password, this can be anything of your choice
  • Next enter the password for the pfx file, used during the export
  • The certificate should then be imported

Use the certificate in Netscape to specify which signing and encryption certificates to use with a particular account, begin from the Mail window:

  • Open the Edit menu and choose Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings.
  • Click Security under the name of the mail account whose security settings you want to configure.
  • Under Digital Signing, click Select. (You may be asked to provide your Master Password before you can proceed further.) A dialog box appears that allows you to select from among your available signing certificates.
  • Choose the signing certificate you want to use, then click OK.
  • Follow the same steps under Encryption: click the Select button, select the encryption certificate you want to use, and click OK.