Am I Affected?

To check the key bit length of your SSL certificate, enter your domain name into the Comodo SSL analyzer at You need to look at the 'Key' row. If it states 2048 bit or higher, then you are OK.

What should I do to upgrade my 1024 bit SSL?

  • For certificates expiring on or before 31st December, make sure you generate a 2048 bit CSR when renewing your certificate
  • For 1024 bit certificates expiring after 31st December, please apply for a FREE 2048 bit replacement certificate. To do this, first generate a 2048 bit CSR for your domain then either:
    • Create a support ticket at requesting a re-issue with reference to your order number. Refer to this support page for more guidance.
    • OR
    • If you have a 'Web Host Reseller' or 'EPKI' account, login to your account, locate your certificate order, click the 'Replace' link and complete the application form.

For more information about Comodo SSL certificates, visit:

Comodo SSL solution experts can be contacted directly by emailing