4 Common Mistakes That Alienate Website Visitors

In a world of cyber threats, data breaches website attacks, fake web certificate and a number of online security issues, businesses still need to be concerned with attracting new clients or customers. In fact, when security becomes a major issue we may sometimes forget that one cannot stay in business without customers or clients and attracting them to a website or landing page is still one of the most basic needs today. Having the right SSL web certificate is important but so is keeping up and staying ahead of the competition. Here are four common mistakes you should avoid if you want to be successful.

1. Adding Too Many Images and Scripts

An HTTPS website with an impressive web certificate is nice but maybe you want to add some impressive images and perhaps a java script with some moving images. This may seem like a great idea on the surface, but in reality, it can do much more harm than good and let's look at an example.

Elaine was interested in impressing her website visitors and was talented at Web design. She had a lot of training and also understood the importance of web certificate security. However, she decided to add a graphically intense background, to make her site stand out from the rest. The background was beautiful and even blended in with the lovely green address bar from her impressive web certificate. In fact, Elaine's website did stand out from all the others but not in a good way.

The new web pages took a very long time to load. In fact, most people were not willing to wait and they simply left. In addition, some people were using browsers other than IE and Firefox and got error messages when they tried to access the main page. By the time Elaine discovered the problem she had lost a great deal of valuable business.

Solution to this problem:

Keep it simple and use a clean and professional looking appearance to impress, rather than going with "bells and whistles". An easy to navigate page with an easy to access web certificate may be all you really need.

Check out the images you currently have and downsize as many as you can. Also, limit plug-ins and scripts to lighten the load on your web pages.

2. Not Being Concerned with CTA

Do you really need a call to action? It might seem like you are begging for business and no one wants to do business with a beggar. It's true, you shouldn't resort to begging or pleading but a simple call to action is a great way to get your visitors to the next level. You don't have to ask for a purchase, just provide a link for more information or ask them to sign up for special offers or a newsletter.


Don't omit a call to action. All the good websites use them for one reason. They work!

3. Pop Up Ads

If you think pop up ads will attract attention you are right. Chances are, they will immediately annoy your visitor and he or she will not want to come back. There are plenty of ways to attract attention without irritating people. Think about this. When was the last time you were impressed with a pop up ad and clicked on it?

If you really want to annoy visitors, use one of those pop ups that doesn't let them leave the page until they click on something. You can pretty much be sure, they will not return.

Solution to pop up advertising:

Avoid pop ups like they were some kind of plague. If you want to draw attention, consider a flashing or moving gif image with a clickable link. These images take up very little space and memory and should not slow your pages down.

4. Create Your Own Web Certificate

A good web certificate is not free and you can save money by "doing it yourself". In fact, open source software is available so there is no reason to spend any money at all. This is the most economical way to obtain a web certificate and utilize the benefits that come with "HTTPS" and secure sockets layer technology. This may seem like a great idea but, not so fast.

When you create a web certificate and do not use a trusted authority like Comodo, your online visitors will get a message telling them the certificate is not from a trusted source. This is enough to scare away many visitors and rightfully so. Anyone can create HTTPS and many scammers often engage in this activity, hoping you won't pay much attention.

Solution to this issue:

An impressive SSL certificate is not that expensive and Comodo has some exceptional web certificate deals for you, including free certificates. You only need to visit https://www.instantssl.com to check out all the good things we have to offer.

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