InstantSSL Wildcard Certificate

Buy a Subscription SSL bundle and enjoy additional savings while removing the hassle of buying short-term certificates

As low as $359 / year

Prices in US Dollars / USD

Why choose multi-year Subscription SSL?

Sectigo offers 3, 4 and 5-year Subscription SSL bundles allowing you to obtain continuous certificate coverage for up to five years while saving you money. Buy a 5-year Subscription SSL bundle and get a 5th year FREE!

For security reasons, your certificate will initially be issued with a maximum 2-years validity. Prior to the expiration, Sectigo will contact you to replace your certificate for another maximum duration certificate.

For example, when ordering a 4-year Subscription SSL you will only need to replace your CSR for the Subscription renewal once.

As with all Sectigo certificates, you can reissue your certificate at any time and as many times as you like. No more lost days or weeks on single year certificates trying to time a new purchase and re-submission. Choose the right bundle for your needs and save today!

Why Choose InstantSSL Wildcard?

Secure your main domain and unlimited sub-domains under a single certificate with an InstantSSL Wildcard certificates. Cost effective and efficient, the Wildcard SSL certificate allows for multiple subdomains to be secured under one domain — all without the need to manage multiple SSL certificates. Plus, it includes all InstantSSL’s features and compatibility.

For example, a single certificate for * can secure:

Features & Benefits

Convenience of a Single Certificate

Whether you’re a large company or a web host, an InstantSSL Wildcard certificate takes the worry out of the technical efforts, cost, and time involved in managing multiple SSL certificates — and gives you the ability to secure multiple subdomains at one time.


Starting at only $427.95 per year, InstantSSL Wildcard certificates are a cost-effective way to secure your web site. With TrustLogo’s unique, real-time assurance seal, you’ll boost your customers’ confidence in your site. Each SSL certificate includes unlimited server licensing, so you can secure all your physical servers.


Browser compatibility is a key part of choosing an SSL provider. Compatible with all popular browsers, InstantSSL certificates are a no-worry option for connecting with site visitors.

Industry-leading Support

With industry-leading customer and technical support, you can expect a dedicated account manager and priority multi-channel technical assistance. From application to installation to use, our team is here to support you, and will even provide a free post-installation SSL certificate health check to ensure your certificate is correctly installed.

Free TrustLogo

Every InstantSSL Wildcard certificate comes with a FREE TrustLogo. With real-time identity assurance through our "point to verify" technology, TrustLogo enhances assurance in your online identity and gives customers confidence to buy from your site.

Risk Free 30 Day Refunds

Buy with confidence because, if you are not completely satisfied with any aspect of your purchase, Comodo will refund your money without any delays.

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