The Importance Of A Government PKI Certificate

Whether you are working in the government, a law office, the business office of a company or if you are doing online contracts for a local agency or corporation, knowing that information sent over the internet through email is secure is a critical factor.

Most online businesses are not as concerned about email security since they don't send sensitive or potentially sensitive information. Instead, they are receiving this information including personal information about customers, financial information in the form of debit and credit card numbers or even other types of financial information in the form of online banking.

For this type of security, we offer our SSL/TLS products. This includes domain, organization and extended validation SSL certificates. They can be used for a single domain, a domain and subdomains or for multiple domains and subdomains on the same certificate. Each of those combinations of security and trust are offered in different certificates including Wildcard, Multi-Domain/SAN and in the UC certificate offered by Comodo.

With all of these options, as a part of the definition of SSL, is the use of Public Key Infrastructure. This is not a specific technology but rather an infrastructure or framework to allow for the encrypted transfer of data from a client to a server or between servers.

There are also products offered by Comodo, as a leading Certificate Authority that provide for client emails and personal authentication. These also use Public Key Infrastructure or the use of a paired public and private key as well as a certificate offered by a trusted Certificate Authority.

For the transfer of any type of confidential information or to ensure the integrity of the data, a government PKI certificate is used in virtually all sectors and departments.

Not Just Passwords and IDs

While it is true that all government email accounts are protected by passwords and IDs for login, this is not the level of security and authentication provided by a government PKI certificate.

Yes, even when these certificates are installed, the user will still have to log into their respective email accounts, but there is no way to prove that the email originated from a specific sender or that it wasn't tampered with while being transmitted. Through the use of a government PKI certificate the email can be validated as from a unique sender through a digital certificate and then, with a digital signature, it can be verified as being accurate and not tampered with when it is received.

The Keys Factor

All products offered by Comodo for our SSL/TLS and client certificates use Public Key Infrastructure. This is a set of cryptographic keys, one private and one public, that are uniquely associated with a particular certificate.

The private key is known only to the person issued the certificate. It is never shared or exchanged, but the public key will be. The public key is required to decrypt the message that is encrypted by the private key when the digital signature is added. As these two keys are related through the mathematical algorithm generating them with the certificate, they can only be used with each other.

The Certificate Authority Role

Our role as a Certificate Authority is to issue the specific certificate and bind it to the user. We also provide management of the lifecycle of the keys and they are only active or valid for the terms of the certificate provided on the cert. This is one to three years, but we also have the ability to revoke the keys should the security of the private key or the certificate be breached, or if there is a need to revoke for other reasons.

As we are a trusted Certificate Authority with our root certificates embedded in all major browsers and devices our certificates are recognized at a rate of 99.9%. This allows email with digital signatures and digital certificates to pass back and forth seamlessly across the internet from any device with complete security.

With the use of a government PKI certificate both the sender and the receiver are fully protected with regards to the integrity, authenticity, access control, confidentiality and the non-repudiation. This ensures the email is complete and untampered; it was sent by the sender indicated and it cannot be repudiated by the sender at a later point in time. For the exchange of data, contracts or documents this is an essential consideration for both government entities as well as vendors and other contractors.

For more assistance on the use of PKI certificates for use by government agencies or for your general business or personal emails, give us a call at +1 888 266 6361 or visit the website at to access our live chat support.

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