The Wildcard SSL Certificate With Network Solutions Compared To Comodo

Virtually all Certificate Authorities, or CAs, offer a range of different security products to suit all different types of websites. This includes offering what are known as the Wildcard certificates that can be used to secure a main domain and subdomains.

It is important if you are interested in this type of product to do your comparisons. There is a very large price difference between many companies. You will certainly notice this in the Wildcard SSL certificate at Network Solutions as compared to our Comodo products.

To help you to get an idea of what to compare, rather than looking at several different Certificate Authorities and what they offer we are going to focus on the difference between the Comodo Wildcard and the Wildcard SSL certificate at Network Solutions.

The Meaning of SSL and Wildcard

Just to make sure everyone is on the same page, a closer look at the terms wildcard and SSL may be helpful. Wildcard is the term used to indicate that the subdomain (on the main domain it is the www part of the Fully Qualified Domain Name) is left open during the generation of the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and on the certificate itself.

In other words, instead of applying for an SSL certificate for, which would only secure that one main domain, the CSR will be submitted and processed as (*) The asterisk (*) serves as the placeholder for the www in the main domain and all of the terms used to identify any and all subdomains.

SSL or now more correctly TLS is a secure way to send encrypted messages between the browser (client) and the server. It uses 2048-bit signature encryption and 256-bit data encryption and a set of keys. There is a public key that encrypts the data and a private key, associated only with your server or servers, that is used to decrypt.

Both keys and the certificate have to be seen as a trusted source or the web page displays the security warning of an unsecured or incompletely secured site. All Wildcard SSL certificate basically function the same way and generally installation is identical since all the CA is doing is providing the files for the install.

What to Compare

Make sure when you are comparing a Wildcard SSL certificate at Network Solutions and our Comodo products to read all of the information on the page. There can be a lot of information that is not directly related to the product and which is basic to any similar type of product.

At Comodo, we try to keep things simple. We provide the specifics of what you can expect with the product right on the page along with easy ordering information and pricing specifics. Pricing is often the first consideration, so let's take a look at that first.

Pricing and Features

You will notice there is a significant pricing advantage with the Comodo product over the Wildcard SSL certificate at Network Solutions. Both companies offer a better price for a three year cert over either a two year option or a single year.

When comparing prices, don't forget also to consider features for that price. We provide unlimited subdomains as does Network Solutions. Make sure to verify you can also use the certificate on multiple servers without paying an additional licensing fee.

Sometimes these licensing fees can double or triple the cost of the certificates, so it is an important factor to consider. Just for your information, at Comodo we do not charge any additional licensing fees and allow you to use the product across unlimited physical servers on your network.

Customer Support

The importance of customer support cannot be understated, particularly when it comes to the need to keep your website secure for online transactions. At Comodo we offer full customer support with our Wildcard SSL certificate and all of our SSL certificate products.

Our customer service includes a comprehensive knowledgebase and resource section with informative articles and step-by-step directions for everything related to the security products we offer. We also provide phone support as well as live chat systems that can be very helpful in finding the information you need.

Comodo's experienced customer service and tech support team strives to answer all tickets in an hour and in very busy times we will respond within a day. To find out more about our Wildcard SSL and how it stacks up to the competition call us at +1 888 266 6361 or read more at

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